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What I Love About Pasig City

One of the things I love about working in Pasig City is its city government's utmost effort in making the city as green as possible. From the funding of the KILUS Foundation (the organization behind the tetra pack bags or "Zesto" bags) to the E-jeepneys roaming around Ortigas Business District, Pasig City now implements "No to Plastic Bags" to food establishments.

Since I started going solo on this project, I was used to buying takeaways for lunch.

I went to KFC to buy lunch and my take away lunch looks like this:

Moreover, KFC doesn't provide straws too.

One morning, I went to 7-11 near the office and bought lasagna. And my take away brunch looks like this:

Yep, no plastic bag either.

Kudos to the food establishments for being obedient. :)

Thumbs (and toes) up to Pasig City! I hope other cities will emulate you.


  1. More power to Pasig City! Paper bags are cool in appearance. Not only that, they're a very neat alternative for plastics, and thus help the environment.

    Nice advocacy. =)

  2. Yep, using paper bags is very good alternative. :) However, if one cannot avoid using plastic bags,we should reuse plastic bags as much as we can. :)

  3. minsan ako sinasabi ko sa counter wag na ihiwalay ng plastic (e.g. burger and coke), hingi na lang tissue :)

  4. Oo nga, kahit burger meal lang hiwalay pa minsan ng plastic yung burger sa fries. Nice one carlene! :)

  5. Wow! Galing! Nakakatuwa naman ... sana everyone will follow soon ...

  6. Onga eh. :) Sana yung ibang city government kayang iimplement to. :)

  7. There's a new yoga studio in Ortigas Center (finally!) called Core Yoga. Ok siya. Its in a building (I can't remember the name) right in front of Robinson's Galleria entrance on ADB Ave. 15th floor. Will try again tomorrow.

  8. Can you send me a link regaring that studio? I'd love to try yoga! Thanks! :D


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