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The Twilight Saga

Addicted. I'm so addicted to this saga that I have a copy on my mobile phone (jar format) and on my hard drive (pdf format). A hardbound copy is still on my wish list (because I still don't have a budget to buy it).

Most would think that I'm just another teeny-bopper-pa-cutesy-pa-tweetums-fan, maybe I am, but I'm not that fan who wears "I love Edward/Jacob" shirts. I'm happier with just reading the whole saga and watching the movies. :)

Personally, The Twilight Saga is not a literary masterpiece but a creative masterpiece. I love how Stephenie Meyer recreated the idea of vampirism as immortals who can be compassionate to humans.

I tried reading Anne Rice before but one book was enough to scare me that I could not sleep after finishing the book. Yes, I'm a natural scaredy cat. But after reading The Twilight Saga, I imagined having a vampire boyfriend isn't at all scary.

I lost count of how many times I have read the saga, but each time I do, I discover a new angle, yes, this may be too weird for you since most people think that the saga is too shallow. If that's the case, why would you have to always be deep?

Literary critics, you might want to kill me now but I wouldn't change my mind.

I'm still in love with the Twilight Saga. :)


  1. I have the hardbound set so I can't say shit about the book haha ... its cute.

    I also have watched the movies.

  2. I also watched the movies. And I have to get my own hardbound set soon as I have the budget.haha. :)

  3. Though this book series isn't my favorite, I wouldn't raise my eyebrows because I like it too. I like fantasy teen novels in general. I don't care about the literary snobs. I regard them with distaste. I never really understood why they fail to comprehend that some people prefer to read for entertainment.

  4. Hi Aria! I agree. I also read for entertainment. I barely critic. I have no energy for it. :)


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