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(Part-time) Grammar Lecture No.2

It's been a long time since I posted the first lecture, so I would like to make a continuation of this lecture.

Again, I would like to emphasize that what I would be sharing are the things I learned from my English teachers. Also, I also have more grammatical errors than you can imagine.

I hope you will find these lectures useful as I do.

1. "Equipments, stuffs"
- Stuff refers to items or things. Equipment refers to a set of objects or articles. The words "equipment" and "stuff" are already in its plural form.

Wrong: I will be carrying my stuffs to my room.
Correct: I will be carrying my stuff to my room.

2. "Did noticed", "Did realized"
- Did is the past tense of "do". So the verb after "did" should be in the present tense.

Wrong: I did realized that I forgot my bag.
Correct: I did realize that I forgot my bag.

3. "Mad"
- Yes, Ne-yo, you're incorrect. "Mad" means crazy, not angry. It should not be used to mean "angry".

My tip: The US TV show "Mad About You" is correct and Ne-yo's song "Mad" is incorrect.

Wrong: I got mad with my brother because he broke my toy.
Correct: I got angry with my brother because he broke my toy.

4. "Me and my friends..."
- This is a common error. The correct phrase should be "My friends and I..."

Wrong: Me and my friends are going to watch a movie later.
Correct: My friends and I are going to watch a movie later.

5. Ain't
- Sorry, this contraction is incorrect, according to my grammar book.

Wrong: I ain't got money to buy new shoes.
Correct: I don't have money to buy new shoes.

I hope I could post another lecture soon. :)


  1. very simple and informative :) thank you for sharing :)

    Biboy Fotograpiya
    Visit the Philippines. Filipino Photo Hobbyist.

  2. You're welcome Biboy! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  3. That's one interesting lecture. I learn a thing or two about grammar today. Thanks to you michy! =)

  4. I don't know about the stuffs!haha yeah, equipment and the plural of advice should be pieces of advice. and then two days ago I think i learned that shoop is the singular form of sheep pala, naaliw lang ako ;p

  5. Really? hindi ko alam yung shoop.haha! Thanks for the info Madie! :)

    You're welcome Vallarfax. :)

  6. I like you grammar book ha. Eto ang kailangan ko kasi I sometimes confuse myself..hehehe. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing!

    Naalala ko yun kaklase ko sa first year HS. Ang topic daw namin sa Englich Class ay singular and plurals. Sabi ko plural lang hindi plurals. Sabi niya, marami daw kasi kaya plurals!

  8. 3 and 4 are somehow acceptable (modern times = degenerated grammar)

  9. Hi gulaylover! Hmm, I'm not a grammar book.hahaha. :)

    You're welcome Kuya Keith. :) hahaha. Kulit ng classmate mo.hehe.

    Hi Aria! Well, these are common usage problems. Most people don't recognize that it's incorrect. :)

  10. Hi michymoo... I hope *** reads this post, hahaha!
    ~madmader is crazy mom! correct ako, di ba?

  11. hahaha! oo nga madmader! hehehe. :)
    madmader is a crazy mom? tagline ba yan madmader?hehe. :)

  12. nice read. i'm looking forward for more grammar nazi lectures from you. ^^

  13. I love that you have the "equipments" error as #1. May I add, "furnitures," like equipment, furniture should not have an -s in plural form. I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for the hash brown burger, and I'm glad I did, you have lots of nice posts. (I did try the burger btw :)

  14. Let's see...
    Mad = Crazy/Insane = Yes. It can also be used to mean Huge/Many. Ain't is also accepted. It is actually a colloquialism & a popular contraction of "Am not". It is widely used in the US. It is even found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. You may want to check the dictionary for clarifications. I just want to clear things up, by the way. No offense intended. Nice blog very informative! ;)

  15. Hi ninelivestogo! Thanks for the comment! What can you say about the burger? :)

    Hi Anonymous! Thanks for the clarification. :)

  16. first time ko uli nag-try ng burger dahil dun michymichymoo, ok naman siya, bagay kainin habang galit ang bagyong pedring sa labas. :)

  17. Talaga? Buti nakalabas ka kahapon. Ako natulog lang sa bahay.hehe. :)


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