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Jacob's Shawarma

Note: This location is already closed. 

A sudden craving for shawarma made me drag my lunch buddy to Jacob's Shawarma, which is a stone's throw away from the office. I would always pass by this place on my way home from the office and the muy gwapito face on the logo would always get me curious: is that really Jacob? Okay, I'm curious about the shawarma too. Haha.

Jacob's Shawarma serves authentic Turkish doner kebab, popularly known as shawarma. Though the Persian shawarma is more popular, it is said that it originated in Turkey.

The place is quite small and can only seat around 15-20 people. The walls are adorned with pictures relating to Turkey. Honestly, it seems like I was inside a travel agency than a restaurant. What I found cute is the small trash bins placed in each table. Also, the shawarma filling changes daily.

Here's the current filling per day:

Monday - Chicken
Tuesday - Beef/Lamb

Wednesday - Salmon

Thursday - Chicken

Friday - Salmon

Saturday - Beef/Lamb

Since it was a Thursday, I ordered 12" Chicken Shawarma and had it cut into half.

12" Chicken Shawarma (Php 130)

Instead of the garlic yogurt sauce, Jacob's Shawarma uses lemon juice. It goes well with the shawarma. However, I'm still partial to the garlic yogurt sauce. The chicken was a bit bland for my taste that I had to add salt to my shawarma.

For drinks, my friend ordered Soya Yogurt Drink. I got mine in Chocolate flavor and my friend got Strawberry flavor.

Chocolate Soya Yogurt Drink (Php 100)

Strawberry Soya Yogurt Drink (Php 95)

I liked the soya yogurt drink. It partly compensated for my longing for a yogurt sauce. I should have ordered vanilla instead.

I got curious about Baklava, the only dessert on the menu. Baklava is a Mediterranean dessert made of pistachio, walnut with sweet syrup.

Baklava (Php 50)

A serving of baklava is very small. A slice is almost the same size as my two thumbs combined. It was good, alright. But I'm not sure if it's worth my 50 pesos.

Overall, Jacob's Shawarma is worth a try. Maybe I'm just not prepared to let go of my yogurt sauce yet. I have to try the beef and fish shawarma next time. And maybe I'll get lucky and see Jacob there. 


Jacob's Shawarma
Unit 115 G/F
AIC Grande Tower
Sapphire Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Open 24/7

Note: For deliveries, visit or call 21-21-21-2


  1. I love eating at Jacob's worth paying for.... at first I was like what the! that's too much for a shawarma... then I tasted.... and I was like... that is cheap! hahaha... how taste can change the way you look at what is cheap and not... =)

  2. Hi IamDP! Thanks for checking my blog! :)

  3. Wow, sumptuous meal you had there. Hmm..mmm.. :)

  4. Yes, I did. But I found the baklava bitin.hehe. ;)

  5. Hi michymoo... I'd like to try Jacob's shawarma sometime soon. I miss baklava!!! There is an abundance of those kinds of sweets in the ME especially during Ramadan... Cheers to you :)

  6. Please do, madmader. Then let me know what you think. The baklava is so small. Is that the usual serving size?

  7. I've passed by this place dozens of time already but haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, what the difference between a persian and turkey shawarma? I've always thought that shawarma originated in Saudi. =D

  8. woah! hehe sa baba lang ng bldg namin to.. yup! Jacobs Shawarma is delicious! suppper baet din yan si Jacob hehe.. at yung cook nyang si Vlad (yung mataba na cook) dunno kung sya ang nag luto para sayo hehe pwede ka mang hingi ng dagdag lol.

    napadaan lang ^_^ + follow you.

  9. hahaha...OOOH ano pa hinihintay nio....kain n kayo dito....hintayin ka kayo ha.....hehehe

  10. Hi Jane! I'm not really sure about the difference.

    Hi Xan Gerna! Yes, si Vlad yung nagluto for me. :)
    Thanks for following! ;)


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