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Gayuma ni Maria

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

The PEx food club strikes once again, and we went to this exotic and amorous restaurant called Gayuma ni Maria for dinner (and Despedida for a fellow food club member who will be going abroad for good).

Gayuma ni Maria used to be located near Ateneo but closed shop and transferred to Sikatuna Village. The resto is an old house converted and redecorated to an eccentrically-designed restaurant that will and can make you fall in love.

There are three areas in Gayuma ni Maria: the indoor area, the alfresco area, and the Japanese room on the second floor.

As I would always advise on some of the posts, always do reservations, most especially if you have a preferred area. I called Gayuma ni Maria around lunch to reserve the Japanese room for the group. Though there were reservations for the said area during the late afternoon, they promised to give us the Japanese room if that would be available when we arrive.

Thank goodness we got the Japanese room! Get the Japanese room if you prefer a bit of privacy and if you'd like banig-pillow-and-low-tables dining. It also has a huge closet with costumes that you can try (you can also do some role-playing).

The Japanese room

One thing that makes Gayuma ni Maria unique is their menu. The dishes have interesting names that you'd want to read the whole menu before ordering. Let me share with you the dishes we ordered:

Some of us ordered appetizers called Lumpiang Barako and You're Too Cheesy.

Lumpiang Barako

Lumpiang Barako are cheese logs with hot green pepper. I didn't try this one since some people in our table are victimized by the evil pepper.

You're Too Cheesy

You're Too Cheesy is cheese and tulis (a salty fish) served on a sizzling hot plate and partnered with crackers.

For the main course, we had the following:

French Kissing (Php 295)

I ordered French Kissing, a creamy concoction of ox tongue and mushrooms with mashed potato. I'm a fan of ox tongue, and the ox tongue here is very tender. The creamy sauce is yummy. I also liked the natural mashed potato (since I was never a fan of artificial mashed potato)

Here are the dishes my fellow foodies ordered:

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back (Php 225)

This dish is a cocoa-crusted cream dory with chocolate sauce served with rice. I have never imagined cream dory with chocolate sauce but this one tastes interesting and delicious.

Rock Me Baby! (Php 265)

Rock Me Baby! is Hickory BBQ Ribs served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Three's A Crowd (Php 205)

Three's A Crowd is Pork BBQ marinated to three different flavors: pandan, pineapple, and Gayuma's secret marinade.

Please Be Careful With My Heart (Php 240)

Please Be Careful With My Heart is twice-baked chicken in olive oil and garlic served with rice.

HHWWPSSP (Php 185)

HHWWPSSP or Holding Hands While Walking Pa-Swing Swing Pa is crispy fried peppery chicken tenders with rice.

Some of us ordered these pasta dishes:

No Boyfriend Since Birth (Php 215)

NBSB is a pesto and cheese pasta. I like how the pesto was not finely chopped, it creates a certain character on this pasta.

Exotic Lover (Php 175)

Exotic Lover is spaghetti with tulis fish cooked in olive oil and capers. This is a real winner! I love how the saltiness and sweetness was combined in this dish. I liked the spaghettini also.

For dessert, I ordered the most popular item in Gayuma ni Maria: Beats Sex Anyday.

Beats Sex Anyday (Php 75)

Beats Sex Anyday is a rich chocolate cake mercilessly topped with butterscotch, cream, and chocolate bits. Since I'm a chocolate fan, it's a winner for me. But since I had a heavy main dish, I wasn't able to appreciate the dessert that much.

Overall, Gayuma ni Maria was the ultimate dining experience for the PEx food club. We fell in love with the homey but unique ambiance, the service was great, the food is delicious.

I would recommend it for romantic dates and group dates alike.

Here are other photos from our dinner:

Gayuma ni Maria also sells "for adults only" items

Thanks to Ray and Lynne for the wine!

Gayuma ni Maria got me addicted. 


Gayuma ni Maria
Lifestyle Restaurant and Bar

123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa St.)

Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Contact Nos. 4414872, 09216818989

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am to 12:00mn

Note: Gayuma ni Maria also serves for bulk/party orders. Just give them half-day to one day notice. 


  1. Their (food) names were well thought. HHWWPSSP got my attention. Hahaha! As always, I got hungry because of your post. So dear fellow readers like me, be warned! Just kidding.

    Regards! =)

  2. Yeah, very well thought. :) If you see the menu, everything seems to be interesting! :)

  3. This sucks. I wanted this, I pushed for this, and I wasn't there. Woe is me. :(

  4. I wanna try the pesto pasta! I love the BTS in the old Gayuma in Katipunan. I wish I can try this new one too.

  5. so you went with pexers? cool! We wanted to be at the Japanese room but there was an ongoing event when we went there.

    1. Yepyep. :) We had to call them up to reserve the area. :)


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