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Wan Chai Tea House

PEx Food Club met once again for another food trip and we went to Binondo this time. And one of our stops is Wan Chai Tea House. Wan Chai Tea House is one of the oldest restaurants in Binondo. Our food trip organizer, Kenny, wouldn't let us miss this restaurant. Wan Chai has several branches around the metro and Binondo is the main branch.

My apologies in advance since I wasn't able to take note of the names of everything we ordered. I tried my best to remember some items though. Kenny ordered for us.

Wan Chai tea

Wan Chai is a tea house so tea should not be missing.

Here are the dim sums we tried:


Hakaw (Php 80) is a shrimp dumpling. I had to use two forks to transfer it from to my plate. Nevertheless, it's still yummy!

Steamed Lumpia

A personal favorite is Steamed Lumpia (Php 70). I love the sweet sauce!

Fried Raddish Cake

We also had Fried Raddish Cake (Php 60). We were hesitant at first but it doesn't taste like raddish, the heaviness of this dish is similar to tikoy.

Mango Crabstick Roll

A crowd favorite is the Mango Crabstick Roll, which also served as our dessert.

 Shrimp Rice Roll

Asado Rice Roll
Dry Shrimplet Rice Roll

We also tried the Rice Rolls (Php 60-70). The rice rolls are kinda heavy that we weren't able to finish everything, like the dry shrimplet rice rolls (or hibi-hibi).

We also had this dimsum, but I forgot the name. It contains shrimp though and it's delicious.


We ended our meal with a soup called Ponchotay (please correct me if I spelled incorrectly).

Overall, Wan Chai is a must-try! I went giddy when I found out that it has a branch in Ortigas (yehey!). The food is so good that thinking about it is enough to make me drool.

Love it!


Wan Chai Tea House
918 Benavidez St.
Binondo, Manila
Contact Nos. 2454406, 3383333, 3388786

Note: Other branches include Del Monte Ave, Tomas Morato, Congressional Avenue, Ortigas and many more


  1. the foods look delish, will probably give this a try when i go on a binondo trip.

    1. Hi Marjorie! You really should. :) Thanks for the comment.


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