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A Shuttle Story

I've been riding the shuttle (or fx, as most people call it) for more than a year. I spend an average of 2-3 hours in the shuttle daily. And if I'm not sleeping (which has become a talent), I spend my time observing commuters.

Some commuters are funny but some are just annoying. And worst, they can drive you crazy.

The Types of Commuters

1. The Dictator
- She wants the same seat every time. She would rather wait for another shuttle than sit anywhere else. Though another passenger will explain 'sa malapit lang po ako', she would say: 'sige lang. kahit malapit ka lang'.

I don't know if she'll turn into a stone if she sits somewhere else, I guess I have to find out.

2. The Sleepyhead
- He thinks the shuttle moving is like a lullaby. Or maybe he's just a much-abused employee who rendered over-overtime and has to go to work early the next day. He can sleep while sitting straight, which amuses me because there are some people who can't do that, which brings us to the next type of commuter...

3. The Sleepyhead Extreme
- He thinks the shuttle is one big bedroom and his co-passengers are pillows. Too bad if he sits besides you, and worse, if he drools while he's sleeping. Worst, if he snores.

4. The Music Lover
- She puts on her earphones as soon as she gets on the shuttle. She is momentarily deaf. She can also be a sleepyhead or sleepyhead extreme at the same time.

5. The Non-Passenger Sized
- This is either a passenger who isn't exactly 'passenger-sized' or a passenger who has too many bags. Either of these persons won't have the heart of paying for more than one. The non-passenger sized person assumes that the other passengers are thin enough so she could fit in. The passenger who has too many bags seems to assume that the other passengers do not mind being squished by her bags, and mind you, she paid the same fare as yours.

I was victimized by this once, I was only half-sitting, I used my other leg for support. Once the shuttle arrived at the terminal, I gave her my murderous look.hahaha!

Note: this is not to offend, but please have the heart of paying the right amount. You know what I mean.

6. The Rich Kid
- He doesn't have a 100-peso bill or any amount below 500 and 1000 pesos. He is far too rich to have smaller bills. He doesn't care if the whole terminal would have a hard time giving him change for the 1000-peso bill he paid. The fare is just 50 pesos.

7. The Penguin
- No, she's doesn't look like a penguin. But she's cannot understand why she can't have the aircon all to herself. It seems like she doesn't realize that this is a tropical country, and non-summer days can also be as hot as hell. She just wants the aircon to be at its maximum and the air vents toward her--only.

My advice:
- Be considerate. If you fall in the annoying types, be extra considerate, please! :)
- Be patient. If the other passenger thinks she's Mariah Carey (read: diva), let her be. Take it as a challenge.
- Take it as an exercise. If the Sleepyhead Extreme puts his head on your shoulder, think of endurance. If he drools, think of boxing and mixed martial arts. :)
- Be strategic. If you are a sleepyhead, try to sit where you will not disturb the other passengers. If you can, sleep at home.
- Simple tip: have your bills changed into smaller bills at the bank after you withdraw from the ATM. This is a tip from a good friend. I also practice this.
- Be observant. Be responsible for your belongings.
Or, create your own list like I did. :)


  1. Yes! I'm on her list. The music lover here. Hahahaha! I have this closed space whenever I ride one. All alone. :D

  2. I had an entry like this one before haha but mine was about jeepney passengers...mas diverse ang mga tao kasi doon hehe.

    LOl at rich kid haha 1k bill?he should've gotten a cab na lang.

  3. Hi Hokage! Me too, I'm a music lover.hahaha!
    Hi Madie! Can you send me the link?

    Yeah, I have encountered Rich Kids many times. as in hindi sila nagpapabarya muna. Kawawa yung driver minsan.

  4. Minsan nga P100 lang pahirapan na what more ang 1k amp. here's the link, although it's not as detailed as yours hehe

  5. You've been a keen observer. I can't wait you blogging about eksena naman sa jeepney.

  6. Thanks for the link Madie! :)
    Hi Noel, hmm, if I do a jeepney version, baka umabot sa 100 types.hahaha! :)

  7. Nakakainis yung mga penguins feeling nila sila lang anak ng Diyos hahahaha I've encountered those types many times.

    1. Annoying, right? :) Minsan hindi nila maintindihan na kaaandar lang ng sasakyan kaya mainit pa yung aircon.


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