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Remembering Baler

we only had breakfast and lunch here because we stayed at Isla Virginia

It was more than two months since I went to Baler with the Lunti peeps. Lunti is the enviroment and health awareness club of my company. Aside from sight-seeing and bonding, we also did some environment-related activities there, we can call that voluntourism.

I almost did not make it because of the heavy rains in Manila. However, it was a sunny day in Baler when we got there. Now I understand why some of my colleagues are willing to make an eight-hour trip to go to the beach.

Let me share with you some pictures I took during our Baler trip:

Note: Some pictures are kinda dark because of the Lomo effect.

 sunrise in Baler

planting mangroves

view from Ermita Hill, the highest point in Baler
Baler Church
Crispy Pata ala Baler

I'll post more pictures next time. :)


  1. Plant a tree, save the planet, be a hero. Nicely done, darling! =)

  2. damn! i missed the crispy pata and mangrove planting. it would have been interesting to try those things.

    1. Hi Marjorie! The mangrove planting is with coordination with Baler ENRO. :) Try to contact them the next time you'll go there. :) It's so fun to plant mangroves. :D

  3. (got your link from coffeehan)

    i think i've been to isla virginia too. ito ba yung may pool? and then malapit sila sa river. naalala mo pa name nung caretaker nila? :)

    1. Hi rhoda! Yep, yung may pool sa bandang harap. :) Hmm, can't remember the name of the caretaker eh. :\


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