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The Legendary Tagaytay Bulalo at Diner's

I went to Tagaytay recently for a quick getaway with my partner in crime. One thing that we didn't miss was the (legendary) Bulalo. Having spent the morning in Paradizoo (will do a separate blog post about it), we were kinda hungry when we reached Mendez Crossing. So we accidentally discovered Diner's Restaurant, which is known for its bulalo.

I haven't heard of Diner's before but I'm familiar with Josephine's and Leslie's.

An order of bulalo costs Php 400, which is good for 3 to 5 persons.

True enough, the bulalo is a bomb! The meat is so tender! I could really say that Diner's Bulalo is the best!

Hands down to the legend!


Diner's Restaurant
(near Jollibee and Shopmore)

Aguinaldo Highway
Mendez Crossing West
Tagaytay City


  1. Bakit alang photo ng partner in crime? At naubos nyo yan? Whoa!

  2. Sarap talaga magbulalo sa tagaytay. Nakakagutom po!

  3. Hi Kay! Kilala mo naman kung sino si partner in crime ko. Yung partner in crime mo hindi pa.hahaha! :) Yes, we finished that.hahaha!

    Hi Keith! I agree. Absolute winner talaga ang bulalo ng Tagaytay. :)

  4. ansarap ng tagaytag bulalo. wala pa kong natititkman na mas wnner dito michy :))


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