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A Very NISCE Experience

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Yesterday, I went to Nisce Skin N Face for a facial. I was very hesistant at first because I had a facial at this very known facial center (not Nisce) last month, and I can say that the treatment I got was more like torture. And I went home looking like a pink-dotted dalmatian, darn.

I went to Nisce with higher expectations (since I went there a few weeks ago for a massage) and the masseuse told me that I would have a better facial treatment at Nisce than this known facial salon.

And since I was having breakouts recently, I tried the Anti-acne facial with calming mask (Php 399).

Here are the points that got me impressed with Nisce (against the known facial salon):

- First thing I noticed is the facial cream. The cream the known facial salon used kinda irritated my skin, but the cream Nisce was using did not.

- Next thing is the facial massager. Nisce is equipped with this one, unlike the known salon which did face massage manually.

- Nisce have separate rooms for each client. In the known salon, dividers are non-existent, and it was like a torture, er, facial party.

- The pricking. What the known facial salon did to my face was more like Freaking. It was pure torture. The Nisce lady was so gentle in pricking.

- After the treatment, my skin is smoother. Unlike after my treatment from the known facial salon, the face had pink dots all over because of the freaking pricking.

Overall, I recommend Nisce, not only for the facial treatment but for the massage services as well. :)


Nisce Skin 'N Face
5/F Building A
SM MEGAMALL, Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 02-683-0243


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