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Power Interruption

Yesterday afternoon, we just had a power interruption at home.

Darn it!

No PC.

No FB. The dishes I'm cooking at Cafe World will get spoiled.

I won't be able to check PEx.

I won't be able to charge my phones and my cam.

No TV. No stereo. No light.

I can read and write something, but only until sunset.

For a few hours, I will be dependent to candles and emergency lights.


It was only during power interruptions that I get to appreciate things that I
don't really see when there's PC, cellphones, TV.

I get to appreciate the light that candles bring.

I get to appreciate playing with shadows again, and the pretty silhouttes like the shadows of my feet.

I get to notice the beautiful fireflies at the vacant lot near the house.

I get to look outside my window and look at the stars, though the stars are always there.

I get to sleep early and rest longer than usual.

It was only when we are left with the simplest things that we appreciate the grandeur that simplicity brings.