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Persian Square

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

The PEx Gluttony Society was planning for a "Persian Persuasion" for quite a while since most of us were craving for kebabs, we decided to put that in our food trip calendar. A food trip for another place was postponed so I guess this was good luck for the kebab crazies (including myself). And the Persian Persuasion Part 1 happened at Persian Square.

There was a typhoon, and I was having doubts that the dinner will push through. Gladly, it did.

Persian Square is located at the Ortigas Business District. The area is a usual hangout for office workers in Ortigas, different restos and bars are also located in the area.

The restaurant was like a little Persia brought in the middle of the city.

the door in the resto
fountain at the middle of the resto
on the wall

As some of us were taking pictures around the resto, Reva, the Iranian owner of the restaurant, asked us to post the pictures on their FB page. (I will post later, Reva!)

Since we were a big group, it was an advantage that most dishes are for sharing.

Here are what we had for appetizers:

Mirza Ghasemi (Php 175)

Hummus (Php 125)
Pita bread (Php 10 each)

Mirza Ghasemi is a grilled eggplant sauteed onion and garlic with Persian spices and served in homemade tomato sauce. Hummus is Garbanzo beans, tahini, and roasted garlic. The appetizers were good. If you don't like spicy, be careful about getting the hummus because it has chili powder on the sides.

We also ordered salads:

Persian Square Salad (Php 165)
Salade Tabooleh (Php 145)

Persian Square Salad contains crisp romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, corn, carrot, bell pepper, kalamata olives, croutons with their secret dressing. Salade Tabooleh contains lettuce, tomato, onion, parsley, bulgur, and lemon juice. We had to mix the Persian Square Salad before we get our helping. The Salade Tabooleh is more like ensaladang pako (fern salad) for me.

The main course is the Kebab Platter (Php 995).

Kebab Platter

The Kebab Platter has two skewers of koobideh kabab, a skewer of zaferani kebab, borg kebab, joojeh kebab with grilled tomatoes and chilies.

I think 3-4 people can share the kebab platter. Included in this platter are 2 pitas, so be careful about ordering pitas. The waiter was very clever to suggest that we order 4 types of Chelos (rice) so that we can try everything. Thumbs up!

Shivid Baghali Polo (Php 165)
Zereshk Polo (Php 125)
Beryani (Php 125)
Zaferani (Saffron) (Php 135)

Shivid Baghali Polo is Basmati rice mixed with Fava beans and dill, topped with saffron. Zereshk Polo is Basmati saffron rice mixed with lightly fried red barberries. Beryani is Basmati rice mixed with mild Persian spices & herbs. Zaferani is Basmati rice with Saffron.

I liked the Zereshk Polo because it tastes a bit sweet. I think I almost finished it.

We also ordered some add-ons:

Khorma (Dates) (Php 45)
Grilled Onion & Tomato (Php 55)

Overall, the experience was superb! The service was really good, the food is great, the ambiance is awesome! I could say that the food was authentic. I almost felt we were in Persia since many Iranians are coming in the resto while we were having dinner.

I suggest that if you're coming in a big group, call for reservations, so you can also get the best view.

For the Persian feast we had, we spent around Php 400 each. I strongly recommend that you order the dishes for sharing, it's a lot cheaper than ordering solo.

I would definitely bring my other Kebab fanatic friends there.

Here are other pictures of our group:

I had a great time guys! See you on the next food trip! :)


Caspian Persian Square Restaurant
Unit 101, Ortigas Home Depot

Julia Vargas Avenue,
Ugong, Pasig City
Contact Nos. 4707700, 4707800


  1. more food!haha I'm really entertained sa food posts mo

  2. Had an awesome time with you guys! Food was great especially the hummus, tabooleh and the mirza gazemi but not the ground beef kebab which has a metallic aftertaste. Till our next food trip!

  3. Hi Madie! Thanks! :)
    Hi Ate Wabbit, I wasn't able to taste that kebab, buti na lang.hehe. See you next food trip!

  4. Naunahan mo ko. Don't have the energy pa to post.

  5. Onga, you don't have a new post lately. :(

  6. Daming nangyayari e ... bawi ako ...


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