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(Part-time) Grammar Lecture No.1

I was told to be critical about English grammar.

I am not. I believe I have more grammar errors than most guys I know.

However, I can't help correcting some friends, and they hate me for it.

Now, I'm settled with correcting people silently, by taking note of the error mentally and NOT try to correct them, I avoid trouble that way. However, I don't mind people correcting me, just make it subtle, please. :)

We have discussed grammar usage problems during high school, and since then, I never forgot some errors that most of us commit. I bet some of you aren't even aware that some points that I will discuss here are wrong.

(My reference is Grammar and Composition by Prentice-Hall, in case you want to check. Now where is my copy of that book?)

Let's start!

1. "Can't help but"
- According to the book, it's incorrect.

My tip: just sing "Can't Help Falling in Love" for you to remember.

Wrong: I can't help but cry while watching the movie.
Correct: I can't help crying while watching the movie.

2. "Anyways"
- Any is singular, like Every, so putting a plural noun after any is wrong.

Wrong: Anyways, any rules, any members
Correct: Anyway, any rule, any member

3. "Real soon, real bad"
- Is there such thing as unreal soon and unreal bad? If there is, please let me know. For now, let's stick with this. Do not abuse the power of real by using it to emphasize a word. If you add a little -ly to real, now you're correct. 

Wrong: Real soon. Real bad.
Correct: Really soon. Really bad.

4. "Due to the fact that.."
- This error never fails to break my heart. It is used by most people who love lengthening their speeches because the content makes no sense.

Wrong: Due to the fact that the waiting time is long, we decided to buy something to drink.
Correct: Due to the length of the waiting time, we decided to buy something to drink.

5. ATM Machine, PIN Number
- ATM means Automated Teller Machine. PIN means Personal Identification Number.

Wrong: I changed my PIN number.
Correct: I changed my PIN.

Now, I have to find that book so that I could share more in the future. 


  1. Oh, I definitely agree. I'm pretty sure I make mistakes also but there are glaring ones you just can't ignore!

  2. Hindi ko talaga makalimutan yung time na nagalit ka sakin dahil sa anyways na yan :D Thanks though :)

  3. Hi Lynne! Yes,we are all guilty of creating mistakes, but we can't ignore the PEBORIT ones.haha. :)
    Hi Drew! So that you won't forget.hahaha. :)

  4. Hi! Thanks for this. We can't avoid being wordy sometimes, this reminded me to be simple and clear. -Aubrey of


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