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Monday morning.

Two awful words combined is a nightmare.

It's been a year and two months since I started cursing Mondays. I was used to Monday as 'my weekend' since because engineering class schedules always begin on Tuesday.

And I will hate Mondays more because of my shuttle ride this morning.

The shuttle ride I had this morning caused me (and my co-passengers) bad headache.
The shuttle driver probably thought he was playing Need for Speed and not really driving a vehicle.
He kept on stepping on the brake pedal every two minutes, and my brain and other internal organs are getting displaced every time he does.

More bad news: it started to rain and caused more traffic than the usual bottlenecks.

I tried to take a nap but it just wouldn't work if it felt like I'm riding a crazy rollercoaster.

I look like a drunken master walking along Ortigas after the ride.

Now I really, truly understand Rebecca Black for loving weekends.