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Gamja Gamja Garlic Potato

Note: This establishment is already closed.

Gamja Gamja Jaja size

I hate passing by this mall's basement because I never fail in buying these yummy garlic potatoes.

Gamja means "potato" in Korean.

Gamja Gamja Garlic Potatoes are deep-fried diced potatoes then glazed with secret ingredients and sesame seeds on top. What I love about Gamja Gamja (aside from the potatoes) is the packaging. The cup (as shown above) has a lid with a hole big enough for you to get one piece at a time (they are not using toothpicks but a two-prong stick).

This is what Gamja Gamja Garlic Potato looks like:

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You can buy Gamja Gamja in three sizes: Potpot size (Php 39), Jaja size (Php 49), and Garlee size (Php 59). Gamja garlic potato is a bit sweet and a little salty. You would also notice that there are grated carrots in the glaze mixture.

Overall, Gamja garlic potato is a good alternative especially if you're having a craving for potatoes but don't want to get messy by eating fries. It's also less expensive than Potato Corner.

It's a nice treat while waiting for a shuttle or bus ride.


Gamja Gamja Garlic Potato
Basement Level, Main Mall

Robinson's Galleria (in front of Jollibee)

EDSA cor. Ortigas Avenue

Quezon City


  1. A great alternative for fries. Might try this one although Korean food is not on my list.


  2. It's not spicy for a Korean food. :) Try it!

  3. Yup, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

  4. i'd really like to know if what they add to the sauce or the 'secret ingredient'..:) i've been trying to imitate their way of cooking and hoping to have an equal taste..yet,i failed..their website is still not working..and i would really do everything to perfect my customized gamjagamja.:) :) obviously,im addicted to gamja also.hihi

  5. I think we're working at the same area. :)
    There are different recipes for gamja in the net. I would have to learn how to make my own gamja too! :)

  6. This is same as the Garlic Potato they sold at SM City in North Edsa dati. Under the restaurant Koryo Korean Barbeque. Same na same lasa.

  7. Ow. I think it's a Korean side dish, that's why. :)

  8. There sauce is cornsyrup, sugar and water.


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