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Doing the Extra Mile

Work is getting too stressful lately, I'm having an LQ with my new love, autocadd. (I was supposed to do layouts for the new projects, so I have to re-learn autocadd.)

I have a one-month ban on eating french fries and I'm also trying not to consume milkshake daily. But this time, I have to give in to these cravings.

(Let us define milkshake first: milkshake is basically blended ice cream and milk. There are some shops claiming to sell milkshakes but the milkshakes they offer are blended ice, not the authentic one. So please be careful of that.)

My first stop: Dairy Queen for the Double Cocoa Fudge Milkshake (Php 59, 12oz).

my favorite milkshake

Dairy Queen offers one of the inexpensive but yummy milkshakes in the metro. It's convenient for me since 2 branches (SM Megamall and Robinson's Galleria) are within reach.

I always expect a long queue whenever I go to DQ, I'm not the only dessert freak, you know.

What I love about DQ is the way the staff greets the customers when they serve the orders:
"Thank you. Have a sweet night!" :) Isn't that sweet? I like it that DQ knows how to do the 'extra mile'. By that simple greeting, they earned a loyal customer (me!).

two things I love

My next stop: KFC.

KFC fries is one of the best fries for me. It's been more than a month since I tasted fries. Since I've been trying to cut down on junk food, I banned myself from eating fries. That way, I'm also not allowing myself to eat fast food.

Going back, I ordered a large KFC fries (Php 46) for dine-in (so that I could rest and think for a while). The cashier told me that I have to wait for 3 minutes. That must be weird, they should keep on cooking fries, as it was already dinner time.

So I got a number and found a seat. After a few minutes (and it was more than 3 minutes), I was served with my fries. But I need gravy with it so I asked the server if he could get me gravy. The guy just told me (in a poker face): "Ma'am sa counter na lang po". I'm eating alone, so how can I possibly leave my things and go get myself goddamn gravy?!?

Then I looked at the guy with this expression on my face and I think he felt guilty. Haha.

Looking back, how come the DQ guys can take the effort of greeting me 'sweet night' while these KFC guys cannot even get me gravy? And to think, I shouldn't be waiting for my fries to be served because it should be

KFC offers great food. I love everything they offer. But shouldn't they be improving on their services? or rather, shouldn't they be teaching their staff how to serve customers?

The incident didn't exactly ruin my visit.

Being too shallow, I couldn't get over the 'sweet night' greeting.

Imagine the effect of doing that extra mile. :)

Note: I should be changing the title to "Running the Extra Mile" but the post might be mistaken as a running guide. Thus, I retained the title.