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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Pitstop Restaurant, Guimaras

After spending our 1st day touring Iloilo, we went to Guimaras for a day tour. After a short target shooting course, Kuya Mai (our trike driver) suggested that we have lunch first. He brought us to the resto that serves Mango Pizza: The Pitstop Restaurant.

inside The Pitstop

The Pitstop is a fastfood restaurant that serves pizza, pasta, fried chicken and other dishes at outrageously affordable prices. The place is quite spacious, with a small souvenir shop inside.

We got The Pitstop Bucket Meal Treat (Php 499). The bucket meal is by their consultant chef Executive Chef Antoine Overbeeke.

The Bucket Meal has 10 huge piece fried chicken, 2 orders of fries, 2 orders of spaghetti, garlic bread, 4 cups of rice and 4 glasses of soda. It was an overwhelming meal for its price! The fried chicken was crispy, it reminded of the fried chicken we cook at home. Mind you, each piece of fried chicken is so huge that all of us didn't manage to finish the bucket meal. 

We didn't miss on ordering the Mango Pizza (Php 302), which has Guimaras mangoes topped with cheese, green bell pepper and cashew nuts.

Mango Pizza

The Mango Pizza is The Pitstop's most popular pizza. I didn't have high expectations for this pizza but the moment I took a bite, it just blew my mind away. Seriously, didn't the other pizzaiolos think of creating this? It was awesome! We even thought of ordering another one to bring to Bacolod, I regret that we didn't.

I was really amazed on how affordable the food in The Pitstop is, and it was made extra special by the delicious Mango Pizza. If you're visiting Guimaras, don't miss on stopping by The Pitstop. :)


The Pitstop Restaurant
Chavez Building,
San Miguel,
Jordan, Guimaras


  1. I shouldn't visit your blog, with an empty stomach. Always not a good idea :) I'm really curios how the mango pizza tastes like :)

    Happy New Year MichyMoo! :)

    1. It's really good! :) Hope you'll visit Guimaras so you can try it. :)

  2. awww.. first time ko malaman na may mango pizza pla. meron kayang langka pizza? hmmm...

  3. Guimaras is really famous for its mangoes and perhaps it's the reason behind the invention of the mango pizza. I wonder how it tastes like...

  4. the facade looks simple yet cute..
    I can imagine how delicious the mango pizza was! yummyyy! :)


    1. It was really yummy! Hope you'll visit Guimaras soon! :)

  5. Someday I will visit Guimaras just for this mango pizza!!!

  6. Mango Pizza is new to me, if ever I encounter one here in Manila, I'll buy one.

  7. So this is where the mouthwatering Mango Pizza came from! I love mangoes! While it's never in my wildest dreams that it jams with pizza, I'd like to try it. Too bad I have to go to Guimaras pa :(

    The Bucket Meal treat looks more than worth its price. :)

  8. bet ko yung pizza na yan. and i will be in guimaras next week. woohoo. sakto!

  9. Ooh, with all the positive things said about the place, I think it's a must visit then :DD

  10. you will love the combination of cheese, mango, cashew nuts, and bell pepper. :) Mango Pizza? amazing.. i tried the in house Chicken Adobo also and it's a winner din...


  11. I want to go to Iloilo! I will check back when I plan my trip.


  12. Hi guys, just want to share it to all of you. If Cebu is more accesible than Guimaras, then this is a good news! Yes! Pitstop has a new branch that is soon to open this October 2014. You may want to drop by. It is located at the back of Bo's Coffee shop across Cebu doctors hospital in Capitol, Metro Cebu. Hope to see you there!!! :-)


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