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Friday, October 5, 2012

Chowdown Cebu: Zubuchon

To start our Mactan food trip, we went to one of the must-try foodie spots in Cebu: ZUBUCHON!!! :)

Zubuchon is not just one of the many Lechon Cebu places as Mr. Anthony Bourdain (of "No Reservations") called their lechon "The Best Pig Ever"!

I've brought CnT Lechon to Manila during my previous Cebu trip, I haven't eaten Cebu Lechon for dine in and this was my chance. What's nice about Zubuchon is that their lechon is available anytime, unlike other lechon restos that run out especially during peak hours.

Inside Zubuchon

The branch we went for lunch was at Islands Stay Hotel, located near the Mactan Marina Mall. It is a jeepney ride away from Lapu-Lapu Shrine and from the airport.

To begin our meal, we had Sisig & Tomato Pasta (Php 180).

Sisig & Tomato Pasta

I'm a huge sisig fanatic, and I love it on spaghetti. The fresh tomatoes gives a nice contrast to the saltiness of the sisig. It was also creamy, which I liked.

My friend and I also shared a Zubuchon Fast Meal (Php 140).

Zubuchon Fast Meal

Cebu Lechon is best dipped in soy sauce. Darn, it was soooo delicious! Mr. Bourdain, I totally get you. I really do. :)

We also tried Zubuchon's original creation, the Kamias Shake (Php 90). My friend and I were really hesitant about trying this, but the friendly staff convinced us that we should. And so we did, but we split an order into two. 

Kamias Shake

We didn't regret trying it. It was sour, alright, but it was a great palate cleanser after the porky treat.

What I really loved about them is that they sell Frozen Zubuchon (Php 260 for 1/2 kilo, Php 490 for 1 kilo), complete with re-heating instructions. Just add Php 20 for the box. No need to worry about spoiling your pasalubong.

I love you, Zubuchon! I'm going back, I promise!

Zubuchon Menu


Islands Stay Hotel Lobby
M.L.Quezon Avenue,
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Other locations include One Mango Mall and Escario


  1. itsura pa lang, mukhang the best pig ever na talaga. yum yum yum! :D

    sakto lang yung kamias shake. nakakababa ata ng bp yan. :)

    1. Not sure about the Kamias Shake, siguro nga.hehe. :)

  2. Kamias shake is one of the best thing I've tasted! And of course, their lechon is really a bomb! You can check my blog post abt Zubuchon too if you want. Thanks and good night!


    1. Will check out your blog too! :) Thaks for dropping by! :)

  3. the pasta and lechon! gaaah! yay...
    and by the way, I like their chairs! :)


  4. Michy, it's almost midnight and you're making me hungry! :)

    1. Sorry , dear. :) Looking at the photos make me hungry too! :)

  5. hmmm looks super yummy! curious and excited to try this - especially rhe sisig pasta and the kamias shake :)

  6. Wow! Hope to visit that place soon. =)

  7. Kamias shake got my curious (I don't eat pork kasi). Super sour ba? :)

  8. I always say this, how did I fucking miss the lechon when I went to Cebu?!!! Argh! I am curious about the kamias shake and sisig spaghetti. I think it'd be a sort of an adventure to try 'em.

    1. You can always go back , Marge. :) That's what I'm planning too. :p

  9. kamias shake.. iinumin ng di nagababago ang facial expression..haha..


  10. I always watch no reservation and I've seen that episode! And I was wondering san kaya un sa cebu? hahaha! And they really quoted him after that episode ha. :) I'm curious about the sisig pasta. Never heard anything like that before. hmmm.


  11. Dahil sa post mo, love ko na rin ang Zubuchon kahit di ko pa natikman. Haha. I'll remember to eat next time na mapadaan ako sa Cebu. CnT Lechon pa lang natikman ko. I love Cebu lechon! :)

  12. Michy hands down to Zubuchon! The best talaga especially paired with guilt free kamias shake

  13. I love your blog and its very helpful. my husband and i are going to cebu this december, i'm glad i stumbled upon your site :)
    MOre Power

    1. Hi aling reming! Thanks a lot and have a nice trip! :)


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