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The Best of Baguio by Nora's Homemade Frozen Delights

It is not a secret on how much I love ice cream. Moreover, I love artisanal ice cream flavors. 

I was glad to be introduced to Nora's Homemade Frozen Delights, a local ice cream brand from Baguio City. 

Named after Chef Nicole's grandmother, Nora's Homemade Frozen Delights proudly uses main ingredients fresh from Baguio, including the fresh cow's milk and yogurt from Baguio Dairy Farm. 

Unique flavors are Good Shepherd's Alfajor and Ube, Benguet Coffee and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt. We got to try other delicious flavors such as Chocolate Campfire Marshmallows, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cookie Dough and Lychee Yogurt Sorbet. 

I admit I'm more familiar with Good Shepherd's Ube than the Alfajor, but it made me more curious on trying both flavors. 


I love the sweetness brought by the caramel swirls in the Alfajor flavor. 


Who doesn't love Good Shepherd's Ube jam? Because I do. I love how Chef Nicole made this Baguio favorite into an ice cream flavor. It tastes like the real thing, with very thick consistency due to the abundance of fresh cow's milk added. 

I also liked the Chocolate Campfire Marshmallows, mixed with burnt marshmallows. It's a must-try, along with other flavors. 

I recommend Benguet Coffee and Blueberry Cheesecake flavors as well. 

I had a lovely chat with the owner and brains behind this concept, Chef Nicole Dipasupil, who is very hands-on with the business. She is consistently experimenting on new flavors to introduce to the market, most of which I'm excited to try soon. 

Nora's Homemade Frozen Delight Prices

Classic - Php 49 / single scoop | Php 79 / double scoop | Php 300 / pint
Premium - Php 55 / single scoop | Php 85 / double scoop | Php 310 / pint
Half & Half - Php 99 / double scoop
Frozen Yogurt - Php 49 / single scoop | Php 79 / double scoop | Php 300 / pint
Sorbet - Php 40 / single scoop | Php 65 / double scoop | Php 230 / pint

Thanks to Chef Nicole for having us. 


Nora's Homemade Frozen Delights
2nd Floor, 
238 Banawe Center (near Sgt. Rivera),
Banawe Avenue,
Quezon City
Twitter: @NorasHomemade 


  1. Good Sheperd's ube jam made into ice cream! 2 favorite things together, it's like Christmas! lol

    Hopefully they get to open more stalls (near me :))


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