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Open Tapas Bar at Tapeo

Note: This restaurant is already closed.

It's been months since the PEx Gluttony Society had a meet-up. I remember the last time was November at Dillinger's (but I wasn't able to blog about it). Miko suggested that we try the newly-opened tapas bar at The Fort called Tapeo.

inside Tapeo

Tapeo opened during the last week of February and is currently on its soft opening. This small quaint place offers a good selection of wines, homemade sangria, and of course, tapas!

Tapas is what the Spanish call their appetizers or snacks that usually eat with their wines. As Ate Mel explained to me, tapas started when the Spanish began using bread to cover their wine glasses to protect it from flies, then they added meat and other toppings to the bread.

Tapeo's Open Tapas is from 6pm to 9pm. For Php 450, we were able to try a good selection of tapas.



I loved that there's seafood paella. I found it a little dry for my taste. However, if you love the burnt parts, you'll love this.

Croquetas (Croquettes)


Served that evening are Patatas con Chorizo, Patatas con Anchova y Oliva and Manchego y Espica. Well, I'm a huge fan of potatoes so it's not a surprise that this is where I got most of my tapas. :)

Pinchos & Montados

Pinchos are small bread slices and cold cuts or other ingredients fastened with a toothpick. Montados are almost similar with pinchos, except that the ingredient is only "mounted" on top of the bread.

Chorizo Blanco

Albondigas with Roasted Bell Pepper

Hongo y Trufa

I particularly liked the Chorizo de Pavo (Turkey Sausage), Chorizo Blanco (White Sausage) for the pinchos while I liked the Hongo y Trufa (Mushroom and Truffle) and Lengua for the montados.



Tapeo also has a fine selection of empanadas, but I chose not to get one since I already ate too many pinchos and montados.

I also had Tortilla Patata y Trufa, which is similar to fritata, and Tarta de Limon (Lemon Tart), which is a good palate cleanser in between bites of tapas. :)

We also shared a liter of their Sangria (Php 750).

a glass of Sangria

We were also given grapes and cheese slices, love it! :)

 I was expecting to see cold cuts and more types of cheese but we were told that they'll be adding more items to the tapas bar. However, the service is excellent and the staff was very accommodating.

Thanks to Miko for introducing us to this place. I'd love to visit again after a few months.


Ground Floor
The Fort Strip
7th Avenue corner 28th Street,
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Facebook Page: Tapeo


  1. I admit, I was actually thinking of tapa of tapsilog when I read the title hahaha... This is actually the first time I've heard of Spanish tapas and my oh my they are sure a feast to the eyes. They are well-presented especially the pinchos and montados. I do have a taste for Spanish food so I'm keeping this place in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hmmmnnn... Ang ganda ng presentation... Pangmayaman.... Sosyal...450? Mukha namang affordable... Thank you for sharing this... I'll definitely try this... Andami ng nasa listahan ko na galingg sa'yo ah...

    1. Please do, Senyor! :) I'm glad I'm helping.hihihi. :)

  3. uhm, pricey nga siya pero okay naman siguro kapag marami kayo. kase marami kayong maghahatihati sa bill. hehe... the Pinchos & Montados' sizes are really cute but I think it'll be exciting to try those :)

  4. I'm super amazed with their food presentation! Superb! :)

  5. Those shots all look great. I'm getting hungry just by looking at them!


  6. I love how the tapas were served on top of the glasses :) Everything look so well presented :)

  7. Will definitely try this place. Thanks for this post!


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