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The Old Manila Coffee House

I purchased a voucher from Metrodeal a few months ago for The Old Manila Coffee House, but it took a while before I got to use it since they won't allow me to use it for lunch. Whether the reservations were already full or they simply don't allow it, I didn't know. Good thing I was meeting someone that evening so I finally got to use it.

The Old Manila Coffee House is one of the hidden restos at Robinson's Galleria Sports Loop. I would always pass this place whenever I visit Slammers, and it would always get me curious. Coffee always has this appeal to me, you know. 

The place is like a room inside an ancestral house, complete with a mini-grandfather clock that bells every hour. It is not usually crowded, and like myself, most customers are here for business meetings.

I ordered an all-day breakfast, Longganisang Lukban (Php 140) and Old Manila Clubhouse (Php 185).

Longganisang Lukban
Old Manila Clubhouse
I'm crazy about breakfast, and I really love the garlicky aroma of the Longganisang Lukban. Those little pieces of heaven never fail to make my heart flutter. But I was really hungry that I ordered Old Manila Clubhouse, which is good for two people. The mayo overwhelmed my taste buds, which wasn't really a bad thing.

My visit won't be complete if I wouldn't try their coffee. I didn't try just one: I tried two!

I got a large Old Manila Brew (Php 75) and a large Scent of Mt. Apo (Php 110)

Old Manila Brew
Scent of Mt. Apo
Old Manila Brew is the resto's original brew. It's something you'd want to drink to wake you up. If you want something sweet, the Scent of Mt. Apo is for you. I love the light foam on top and the smell of vanilla.

I'd love to go back to The Old Manila Coffee House to try their cold coffee and the other breakfast items they offer, but seriously, their voucher gave me a lot of trouble that I'd rather pay cash the next time I visit.


The Old Manila Coffee House
3rd Level Sports Loop
Robinson's Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue
Quezon City

Another branch is at Dela Rosa St., Makati City


  1. what i like the most in OLD MANILA COFFEE HOUSE is the ambiance, the lucban longganisa is also good ^_^

    1. The ambiance lived up to its name.hehe. :) Yeah, I love the lucban longganisa!

  2. nice ambiance... nice food... nice pics. Yahweh bless.

  3. food there is great, cannot say the same with their coffee though, found it too bland.

  4. Nice find :D ! The vintage treatment lends a good backdrop when sipping a good brew :)

  5. by the looks of it, mukang masarap dyan,

    i gotta go and try it! :))

  6. the longganisang lukban seems perfect for breakfast! :)interiors of the place looks very vintage that gives out a cozy feel :)

  7. The food didn't seem to intrigue me but the coffee variants got my attention. I wanna try those!

  8. Seems to me this is one great alternative for Starbucks. I mean the price of coffee is just right. Got to try this in the future. Thanks for sharing :)

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  9. nice find! kala ko hindi masarap eh. good thing sulit sya!

  10. i love breakfast food!! i shall visit this resto soon ;)

  11. I'm not much for coffee but I'd love to try their meals! :D Besides, the place also looks great; especially with that rustic/vintage feeling :)

  12. Wow, looks good! I shall go there when I'll be visiting Manila.

  13. I love that designs and interior, the coffee looks yummy

  14. For some reason, this place does not appeal to me. Labo no?

  15. I've heard good things about The Old Manila Coffee House. Guess I have to try it soon :)

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