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Happy Birthday

It's my sister's birthday!

Since it's a weekday and she's home only during weekends, I just bought her a cake last Friday. I got her Ms. Polly's Chocolate Cake!

I bought an Avocado Cake (from Lia's Cakes in Season) for my mom last time, so I bought chocolate this time (much to Papa's disappointment, who hates anything chocolate-flavored).

It was a hit that it was gone before my sister's actual birthday. :)

Oh well, happy birthday!

A real winner!


  1. Chocolate madness! Boom! Grr! =)

  2. Nagugutom tuloy ako dahil dito. I should buy one. :)

  3. Happy birthday to her as well.. and that chocolate cake.... @___@

  4. Thanks kay and mithfalath! You should try this cake, sooo yummy. :)


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