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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shop and Get Your Cash Back with Shopback.ph!

Like any consumer, I love discounts and any form of cash back. As a frequent traveler, Shopback.ph is an awesome discovery as I can get as much as 22% cashback on flights, hotel vouchers, car rentals, tour packages and many more. 

Shopback.ph earns commission from every purchase made from merchants from their site. And as a reward, Shopback gives part of its commission back to you as a shopper. Cool, right? :)

Here's how Shopback works:

1. Sign up at Shopback.ph

3. Select the merchant you are booking a flight or hotel on.

You can plan almost your whole trip with Shopback and get savings too. For flights, you can get 1% cashback from Expedia and other individual airlines. For hotels and accommodations, you can get 4.0% cashback from Travelbook.ph, Php 600 cashback from Agoda.com, and many others!

4. Purchase from merchant/s

Once you have made your purchase/s, your cashback will be added to your Shopback account within a few days. 

5. Redeem your cashback

As soon as your cashback is redeemable, you may have it cashed out by transferring to your local bank account or your PayPal account.

Aside from travel purchases, you can also get cashbacks for other things like fashion, groceries, and even electronics. I find Lazada especially worth it because electronics and gadgets tend to be more expensive. Shopback.ph offers up to 4% cashback as well as voucher codes etc for Lazada so you can get the most out of what you spend.

Buy more and save more. Shop now at Shopback.ph! 


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