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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

It is not a secret that I love chicken so much, and I haven't met a fried chicken that I didn't like. 

That's why the inner fried chicken goddess in me screamed for joy when I finally got to try the popular Taiwanese fried chicken chain, Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot-Star Philippines menu

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken's menu is quite simple, but I haven't tried anything else but the Large Fried Chicken variants.

I have tried the Original Large Fried Chicken (Php 110) and the Crispy Large Chicken (Php 110). Add Php 30 for rice, gravy and drink. 

Original Large Fried Chicken
Crispy Large Fried Chicken

Hot-Star Fried Chicken are bone-in breaded fried chicken. You may have an option to have it sprinkled with chili powder, but I prefer it plain with just salt and pepper. 

Though I know that it was indeed large, I didn't realize that it would be this humongous! Even a hungry me can't finish a piece in one sitting. 

I have tried the Mushroom Soup (Php 35) in one my visits, but it was disappointing. 

BBQ Large Fried Chicken

I prefer the Original over Crispy, but I guess I have to try BBQ Large Fried Chicken (Php 125) next time. 

Hurray for fried chicken! :)


Hot-Star Philippines
Food Court, Level 1
Robinson's Galleria,
Ortigas Avenue,
Quezon City
Twitter: @HotStarPH 

Other locations are Blue Bay Walk, Cubao, Eastwood, Katipunan, Zentrum Mall, SM City Manila and Banawe


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