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Ramen Nagi

A late night cravings took us to finally give Ramen Nagi a try. I was curious about this place for quite a long time, and that evening was just perfect. Alas! It was not-so crowded. Lucky us. :)

We were seated as soon as we arrived. Not long after, we were greeted by our server, Jam, who was quite helpful in orienting us on how to order ramen. 

It was nice that he really knows how to describe each component in the menu checklist. 

our order :)

Mr. B and I shared a Green King (Php 410), with normal richness, light special sauce, light garlic, with pork shoulder, cabbage and no spicy (because we're weaklings). We preferred our noodles to be of normal firmness. 

Green King

If you love pesto, you'll definitely love the Green King. I love the creamy broth and the flavor and aroma from the basil. Say, how to you make a ramen more magical? Add cheese

We also shared a side dish: the Gyoza (Php 190).


Ramen Nagi serves gyoza in a sizzling plate with lots of bean sprouts. Definitely not an ordinary side dish. 

I was impressed with Ramen Nagi on everything: the food, the service and the environment. My first visit with Ramen Nagi will surely not be the last. I would love to try the other ramen bowls soon!


Ramen Nagi
Ground Floor,
Robinson's Magnolia
New Manila,
Quezon City

Other locations are SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, Greenbelt 3 and Robinson's Place Manila


  1. I love Ramen Nagi, mahal lang talaga! But I love the Green King also, next is the Red King then the Black King. =)


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