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Friday, July 25, 2014

Subic Wonders: Geo Gu Jang

On our way to Subic, I had a sudden craving for Korean food. Luckily, a few blocks away from our hotel, we found Geo Gu Jang Korean Japanese Restaurant

Located at the second floor, Geo Gu Jang is a very spacious yet simple restaurant. 

What I really love about Korean restaurants is the abundance of banchan, or appetizers. Though always a bit spicy for my palate, I like how healthy Koreans prepare their food. 


We had Galbisal (Php 400), which is good for sharing. We were asked if we wanted it to be prepared tableside or in the kitchen, we chose tableside prep of course. :)


We were also given lettuce, with garlic, chili and chili paste for the galbisal. 

We were told that we should order one more item in the menu, so we chose Japchae (Php 250).


Though I love this Korean noodle dish, I wasn't really in the mood to have Japchae. Nevertheless, it was very delicious as it was served really hot. 

It was a simple yet satisfactory dinner at Geo Gu Jang. The staff was quite friendly, as they made sure we were given everything we needed. I skipped the Japanese menu during our visit, but I guess I should go back for the Japanese dishes should I go to Subic again.


Geo Gu Jang Korean & Japanese Restaurant
(in front of Remy Field)
Rizal Highway,
Subic Bay Freeport Zone


  1. Ooh I wanna try this, I am a fan of Korean food. Speaking of, I've yet to try japchae.

    1. You should try this when you visit Subic, Marge! :)


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