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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Beijing Foot Spa

I love massages. Though I know I don't feature a lot of massage places / spas in this blog, I always try to get a massage at least once a month. Places that I frequent are VISMA in SM Megamall and Nature's Way in Robinson's Galleria (I hope I'd get to feature these places soon). 

After our lunch at Primero Casa Filipino, my foodie friend Jeng and I drove around the area to look for a dessert place, but we ended up having a foot massage in Beijing Foot Spa instead. 

I haven't been to Beijing Foot Spa before because I seldom have foot massages (should I have one, I just go to Nuat Thai), so I didn't know what to expect.

We both had Foot Massage (Php 500, 70 minutes), which includes head, hand, shoulder and back massage as well. 

We were led to our room, which has two club chair-like seats. Each chair has a TV (with cable TV on), robe, shorts, slippers and a small table to put your accessories / phone. 

Apologies for not taking a lot of photos during the massage as the lights were off the whole session, and I so busy watching tv (hehehe).

The foot massage was very relaxing (I realized how tired I was because it was painful at some points), and the attendants are very friendly and accommodating. Should I visit the area, I would love to visit Beijing Foot Spa again. :)


Beijing Foot Spa
3rd Level,
Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato Avenue,
Quezon City

Other locations are Blue Ridge, Silver City, Greenhills and Lucky Chinatown Mall


  1. Hahahahah ..... super sawap massage.... uhmmmmm do u want copies of pictures with u grimacing in pain / enjoying the massage??? hahahahahaha

  2. I actually love foot massages because I believe that aside from the head, the feet is the most abused part of the body. I haven't tried Beijing foot spa, I'm surprised that you can watch TV while getting a massage, isn't that a bit distracting?

    1. I was actually planning on turning it off, but my favorite tv show (HIMYM) was on so nanood na lang ako. hehehe. :)

  3. i'm addicted to massage, especially thai massage.

    i usually fell asleep during the session. everytime.

    1. I sometimes fall asleep, especially when I'm really tired. haha.

  4. You do exactly well that you go once in a month to the spa of your choice and I agree with you that we must make only one choice where we exactly can trust to have the best physiotherapist.

  5. Everyone enjoys the power of the best foot massager machine, the massage and the cleaning of our feet so helpful and relaxing indeed. But does anyone really know what benefits it can give us aside from relaxing and pain.


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