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Bulgogi Brothers: New Barbecue Specials!

I was invited by Bulgogi Brothers last week to try the new addition to their menu: the new barbecue specials.

I'm personally partial with Korean Barbecue. I couldn't imagine having an authentic Korean meal without it.


Each of the tables in Bulgogi Brothers has an installed induction cooker at the center. The restaurant is well-ventilated, so no need to worry about smelling like grilled meat. :)

My fellow foodies got there early so I got the tail-end of the banchan or appetizers.

Banchan or appetizers

Some of the banchan are anchovies, quail eggs, corn, kimchi and sweet potatoes.

As we wait for the barbecues to cook, we already got some drinks.

Citrus Ade, Watermelon Shake, Kiwi Shake

While my friends had the Citrus Ade and Kiwi Shake, I had the Watermelon Shake (yeah, my default fruit shake at the moment). Oh, some of us even had Soju - Chamisul. Note the interesting pitcher / bottle with the ice in the middle.

Soju - Chamisul

We had the Spicy Boneless Chicken (Php 350) for our first dish.

Spicy Boneless Chicken
and the Steamed Rice that disappeared with it. :P

Served on top of a metal plate with a burner at the bottom, it's boneless chicken leg quarter marinated in sweet garlic soy sauce.I loved the amount of spiciness in the chicken and the balance with the sweet garlic soy sauce is just right. I just couldn't stop eating the rice though.

Next dish is the Boneless Beef Ribs or Kkotgalbisal (Php 450).

Boneless Beef Ribs

The Bonelees Beef Ribs are flavored with a fruity bulgogi sauce. I liked the tenderness of the meat. It's best to eat this with the grilled onions for more distinctive taste.

We also had the LA Style Short Ribs or LA Style Galbi (Php 495).

L.A. Style Short Ribs

These are strips of bone-in beef short ribs marinated in special bulgogi sauce.

For a healthy option, there's the Seafood Special (Php 745).

Seafood Special

It is a combination of Salmon and Apahap fillet served with lemon-butter sauce. The wonderful aroma of garlic butter while this was being cooked was unbearable. Loved the salmon the most! :)

Last dish we had is a favorite, the Korean Pork Belly or Tong Samgyeopsal (Php 245 for solo, Php 395 to share).

Korean Pork Belly

I'm guilty of having too much of this. It's the Korean version of bacon for me. :P

After our bountiful dinner, we were brought a basket of Korean ice cream, much to my delight.

Korean Ice Cream!!!
I got the chocolate ice cream. hehe. :)

It was an enjoyable Korean barbecue experience at Bulgogi Brothers. I surely fell in love with the Spicy Boneless Chicken and the Korean Pork Belly. The servings are perfect for sharing and the prices are quite reasonable. I'd love to bring my barbecue-loving friends here soon.

Thanks to Bistro Group for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Bulgogi Brothers
Entertainment Mall,
Seaside Boulevard
SM Mall of Asia,
Pasay City
Contact No. 8233778

Facebook Page
Twitter: @BulgogiBrosPH
Instagram: @BulgogiBrosPH

Other locations are Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 5, Harbor Point Subic and SM Lanang


  1. Augh. I hate it when I get out of the restaurant smelling like food.

    That's a very interesting pitcher by the way! The ice doesn't mix with the drink!

    HMm.. I seem to be seeing a lot of fat in this post, or are they just more visible when raw?

    1. The pork belly's kinda fatty, but it was soooo good! :)

  2. Ooh they have Korean ice cream already! I haven't been to Bulgogi Brothers in a while. All that beef... YUM!!!

    1. Hope you'll visit Bulgogi Brothers soon, Rowena! :)

  3. Michy are there other Bulgogi Brothers branches aside from MOA? :)

    1. Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 5, Harbor Point Subic and SM Lanang :)

  4. wow salmon! but kinda expensive ><

  5. I wanted to try such restos aside from food stalls I've been to :) You're right Ate Michy, Korea is just everywhere :D

    with love from: Myx' FoodHub & BeautyHub

  6. Finally, BB offers samgyupsal! :D Too bad I wasn't able to join you guys, but I'll definitely order the samgyupsal, LA style short ribs and boneless beef ribs on my next BB visit :)

  7. wow,the food looks yummy,i really want to eat on this place very soon ,so many good reviews...

  8. It's nice to experience seeing your food getting cooked in from of you. Definitely worth your money. The L.A. Style Short Ribs caught my attention :)

  9. My wife has been bugging me to try BB sometime. I've always been on the fence, bu I think we'll go there this weekend na. Thanks for the review :)


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