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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nomama Artisanal Ramen

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I have always been curious about Nomama, mainly because of Chef Him Uy de Baron.

Nah, it's not a crushie thing, but I have met Chef Him a few years ago when he catered for our company's Christmas party, and I was a member of the organizing committee. Though I was running around the whole time, I was able to appreciate the delicious Mediterranean food and the plateful of Flourless Chocolate Cake (yes, a plateful. I'm a dessert freak :P)

Nomama Menus. Cute right? :)

That's why when Spanky sent me an message about dining at Nomama, I happily said yes and immediately jotted it down my calendar.

Nomama Artisanal Ramen opened September 2011 and has been serving non-traditional ramen and other dishes inspired by other Asian cuisine. It has been receiving positive feedback and recommendations from magazines like Food Magazine, Esquire and was even included in Northern Eats, a compilation of 50 Best Restaurants in the North.

inside Nomama

One word to describe the look of the resto: posh. From the lighting to the decors, everything screams modern yet simple. What I like most is the open kitchen, where you can watch the kitchen crew (and even Chef Him) prepare their dishes. 

Chef Him Uy de Baron preparing the dishes

My fellow foodies and I were invited to Nomama that evening to try the new menu for 2013.

We started our dinner with Beef Tataki with Uni and Chips (Php 330) and Thai Spiced Tri-Tip with Jasmine Rice (Php 365).

Beef Tataki with Uni and Chips
Thai Spiced Tri-Tip with Jasmine Rice

Tataki is a Japanese cooking technique where the meat is seared, chopped and served raw (somehow similar to ceviche or kinilaw). The dish is a combination of Kitayama tenderloin tips and ribeye, with uni butter and lime. It was so creamy you could mistake it for tuna. Don't forget to put micro-greens on top of the tataki and chips for better flavor.

Thai Spiced Tri-Tip with Jasmine Rice has seared tri-tip with cilantro and coriander seeds, topped over rice salad tossed with cashews, glazed pineapple, tomatoes and cucumber and dressed with spicy red curry dressing and pickled onions. I was surprised on how spicy the rice salad is, but I found myself getting more of it. The Tri-Tip is really tender I ate it separately so I could appreciate it more.

We also had Soy-Prawn Teppan with Uni Cream Sauce (Php 420).

Soy-Prawn Teppan with Uni Cream Sauce

It's a simple prawn teppanyaki with butter, soy sake and mirn with fresh roasted garlic, served with uni and prawn bisque. Chef Him uses only fresh prawns for this dish, as evident by the taste of the prawn, enhanced by the uni and prawn bisque.

We were also served old favorites: Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen (Php 420), Thai Green Curry Ramen (Php 322) and Spicy Tongue Dry Noodles (Php 345).

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen
Thai Green Curry Ramen
Spicy Tongue Dry Noodles

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen is one of the classics, with milk broth, poached eggs and nori. I could just drink the thick broth after enjoying the tender beef cheek and poached egg. What I really liked is the Thai Green Curry Ramen. Chef Him amazingly executed the popular Thai curry dish into a ramen. I could tolerate the spiciness of this ramen, and I'll certainly have this again on my next visit. For extreme spiciness, you should try the Spicy Tongue Noodles. Spicy Tongue Noodles has tender ox tongue in Korean spicy sauce, black tofu and garlic stuffed in tomato and noodles in garlic oil.

Back to the new menu, we had Milky Mushroom Steak (Php 375) and Rib Eye Teppanyaki with Tendon (Php 650).

Milky Mushroom Steak
Rib Eye Teppanyaki with Tendon

Milky Mushrooms (from Ministry of Mushrooms) cooked like a steak. It's seared and oven roasted and served with 3 sauces: Japanese mustard, roasted garlic miso paste and Kikkoman caramel. It's a healthy vegetarian version of the Rib Eye Teppanyaki. The Rib Eye Teppanyaki with Tendon is cooked the same way as the Milky Mushroom Steak, but with Kitayama Rib Eye instead of mushrooms. You obviously know which one I liked better. :)

For dessert, we had Fresh Fruit Teppanyaki with Yuzu and Lemon Gellato (Php 220).

Fresh Fruit Teppanyaki with Yuzu and Lemon Gellato

This dessert has strawberries and other fresh fruits cooked teppan style, with homemade gellato, sesame brittle and Kaffir lime syrup. This reminds me of frozen yogurt. This is a perfect palate cleanser after having lots of flavorful dishes.

Other new dishes in the menu are Rib Eye Teppanyaki with Roasted Garlic-Miso Paste, Kikkoman Caramel & Japanese Mustard and Pork Loin Kurobota glazed with guava and miso with pickled mushrooms, kobocha puree and edemame.
It's wonderful how Chef Him created beautiful and delicious dishes using local ingredients, like beef from Kitayama and mushrooms from Ministry of Mushrooms. The dishes are reasonably priced and good for sharing.

It was a lovely and satisfying dinner with fellow foodies and new friends. I really had a great time at Nomama. I'd probably give it another visit to try other dishes and get my hands again on a plateful of Flourless Chocolate Cake.

Thanks to Chef Him Uy de Baron for having us and to Spanky Enriquez for organizing this event.


Nomama Artisanal Ramen
Ground Floor
18 FSS Building II
Scout Tuason corner Scout Castor,
Bgy. Laging Handa,
Quezon City
Contact No.9214913 / 09178218698
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @nomamaramen


  1. Naawa ako dun sa sinage, nakatuhog tlga yung pig, wawa naman, hehe...infairness mgnda ang pagkakaplating ng mga dish, I wish i had that skill, hehe

    1. I'm sure you can do it, with a little practice. :)

  2. Wasn't this place featured by DCF before? The curry ramen looks good.

    I like Sashimi but I could never try eating raw beef or pork. Mas matatakot ako sa if I eat those raw e. =(

    1. Yes, it was featured by DCF. :)

      For the Tataki, the meat was seared naman. :)

  3. this is a very helpful post! ive been searching for a restaurant that serves uni at an affordable price and u just gave me an idea where to go!! thanks a lot!!!

    your new follower,
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

    1. Happy to help. Hope you'll get to visit Nomama soon! ;)

  4. this is a very helpful post! ive been searching for a restaurant that serves uni at an affordable price and u just gave me an idea where to go!! thanks a lot!!!

    your new follower,
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  5. I want to try the rid eye tendon... yummmm.... After ko suyurin ang eastwood gagawi naman ako dyan.. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hope you'll visit this place soon, Sweethestia! ;)

  6. yummy dishes they have their! the prawns and ramen looks very nice too! xx

    1. I hope you'll get to try this when you get home, Mary Jane! ;)

  7. nagutom ako sa Soy-Prawn Teppan with Uni Cream Sauce.. yay :)


  8. The ramen look so delicious. I love me some Ramen and looks like there's another ramen place to go to. Yipee!


  9. I wanna be brave enough someday to try Tataki. And that Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen looks like heaven. Or is it the orangy color? Orange is such an appetizing color on food for me.


  10. I knew I should have tried the Wagyu Beef Cheek when I went to Nomama before. Too bad it's far away from me, I couldn't go back in just a snap of a finger.

    1. Let's hope they'll open a branch somewhere South. :)

  11. hmm nakakatakam naman sila, parang lahat talaga masarap, ang ganda din ng mga food presentation nila

    1. Yepyep. The food presentation's really impressive. :)


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