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Monday, January 7, 2013

More Than Just Milk Tea: Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I had a quick meet-up with a good friend who works around the area near Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub. I wasn't excited with the milk tea, but I've read that they have their version of Happy Lemon's Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, something I have at least once a week. 

Y-Tree has this relaxing nature-loving ambiance, with a small plant for each table. The place also has a mezzanine floor for a little privacy. 

All drinks only have a single size, but like other tea shops, the sweetness is adjustable to your liking. 

My friend had Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly (Php 95) while I had Y-Tree Milk Chocolate with Signature Rock Salt and Cheese (Php 120).

Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly
Y-Tree Milk Chocolate with Signature Rock Salt and Cheese

My friend has been to Y-Tree several times already and Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly is his usual order, so it's safe to say that he really likes it. However, the Y-Tree Milk Chocolate didn't meet my expectations. The rock salt and cheese topping is too salty and the chocolate drink a little too strong. I also find the price too expensive. 

My friend also had a Chocolate Doughnut (Php 55), which I wasn't able to try since I'm still meeting another friend for lunch. 

Chocolate Doughnut

Aside from the donuts, they also offer cakes, cookies and sandwiches. They also have Y-Tree merchandise such as mugs, tumblers and shirts. 

Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub is a really cool hangout place for milk tea fanatics. The place is a lot more spacious than the other milk tea shops. But for the Y-Tree Milk Chocolate, I might try the Special Cream next time. Happy Lemon still rocks the RSC for me. :)


Y-Tree Milk Tea Hub
The Hub
Greenfield District
Mandaluyong City
Contact No.4168856 


  1. first time I've heard and read about Y-tree..the shop does look spacious, not like the other tea houses :)

    1. I hope you'll give this place a visit, Zaizai. :)

  2. I don't think they have a branch here in Cebu. I hope they open up here though. I've been loving milk tea lately too.


    1. This is actually the only location they have. :)

  3. I haven't heard of Y-Tree yet, but their version of RSC is quite expensive nga. Not sure if I'll be able to give this a try. Maybe when I pass by the area :)

  4. In Mandaluyong?! Dang. I have to make a trip pa hahaha... But oh well, if I get to that part of the city then I'd give this a try.

    1. Not sure if this helps, but this place is near Manda Centrale. :p

  5. I've never been here before but the place does look spacious and relaxing. :) Too bad you didn't like your RSC. I have never learned to love it myself. I find it to rich for my taste. hehehe

    1. I love RSC, but I just think Happy Lemon's version is much better. :)

  6. Seems like places like these are sprouting up everywhere! In Singapore, there's a local brand there that's also good. Each a cup yung name. =)

    1. I agree. Lots of milk tea places here in Manila already. :)

  7. I haven't found anything that will replace Happy Lemon in my big fat heart ;) But kudos to Y-Tree for serving goodies other than milk teas. Will try to visit them soon :)


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