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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mister Kabab

I'm a huge fan of Persian cuisine. I've always loved eating kebab with lots of yogurt sauce and buttered Basmati rice. But I haven't been to Mister Kabab until recently. Mister Kabab was established by two Iranian students more than 20 years ago to offer affordable yet delicious Middle Eastern dishes to Manila.

I recently went to Mister Kabab to celebrate a good friend's birthday. The place was very spacious with ambient lighting.

I ordered Special Chelo Kabab (Php 160) while my friends got Chicken Beryani (Php 185) and Sizzling Keema (Php 145).

Special Chelo Kabab

Special Chelo Kabab has one piece of tenderloin and one piece of ground beef kabab. I found the tenderloin a little tough, I should have got both ground beef kababs instead.

Chicken Beryani
Sizzling Keema

If you want something with a spicy kick, the Chicken Beryani is a must-try. The birthday celebrant's favorite is the Sizzling Keema, I wasn't able to try it. It must be really delicious.

We also got extra butter (Php 10).

Yes, the picture above is only Php 10. I initially thought they combined our orders, but they didn't.  I guess I should buy my  butter from them and not from the grocery. :P

For drinks, we had Fresh Fruit Shakes (Php 60), we got Ripe Mango and Green Mango flavors.

Mango Shake

Mister Kabab also offers dessert like Baghlava and Yogurt, but we didn't order dessert so we can eat the birthday cake. Hihihi.

Mister Kabab offers affordable and delicious authentic Persian dishes. I'd love to visit this place again to try the other dishes.


Mister Kabab
2nd Floor
8101 Pearl Plaza
Pearl Drive
Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

Other locations include West Avenue and UP Ayala Technohub


  1. I miss eating at Mister Kabab in West Ave. It's nice that they're opening a lot of new branches across the metro :)

    1. Yeah, I'm glad they have a branch in Ortigas. :)

  2. grabe, ginutom mo talaga ko ng bigtime. *drooling* mukang masarap nga yung mga inorder ninyo. gusto kong tikman yung Special Chelo Kabab. (hungry)

  3. An institution that has consistently served great tasting food at a very affordable price! Yum!!!

  4. Awesome food, and great value too. I should get my butter at this place too!

  5. Bobby Chinn's show at TLC had gotten me curious about Middle East food and it's quite frustrating that I don't get to see lots of middle eastern restaurants here. I'm curious about how the flavor goes.

    I see that the ones served in this restaurant goes with rice already. Is Mister Kebab considered an "authentic" Middle East restaurant or had they already adjusted their recipes to suit Filipino taste?


    1. Rice is also common in the Middle East. You can also eat kababs with pita bread. :)

  6. yummy... :)

    makes me wonder where will I have my lunch.


    1. Hope you had something delicious. :)

    2. had bangus sisig michy! :) but I'm hoping I get to try this soon :D

  7. your post made me crave for persian food michy!! will be having one for dinner hehe :)

  8. I love this place (We frequent the one in West. Ave.)! I love the look of the place, the high ceilings etc. We used to eat here at 1AM in the morning *lol*

  9. It's near! Will try this soon :)

    I'll buy Php 200 worth of butter and take it home :)


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