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Crave and Win at Julie's Bakeshop

For over 30 years, Filipino households have enjoyed heartwarming treats from Julie’s Bakeshop. Both young and old have grown accustomed to hot-off-the-oven breads and delightful pastries that Julie’s Bakeshop has been providing  through its more than 500 neighborhood branches.

To show utmost gratitude to its loyal customers who have made it the country’s number one bakeshop, Julie’s Bakeshop offers its patrons a chance to win loads of prizes and surprises with “Julie’s Bakeshop Combonanza Raffle Promo”.

From August 21 to November 28, 2012, you can join the promo by simply purchasing a combination of Julie’s bread products along with participating Coca-Cola products. A minimum single receipt purchase of Php25 worth of Julie’s bread paired with one 8oz or 12oz Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, or Royal, earns you one raffle coupon, while a combination of Php40 worth of Julie’s bread or Bayan Bread to go along with one 1.5L Coke, Coke Zero, Coke Light, Sprite, or Royal entitles you four raffle coupons.

You may drop your entries in drop boxes located in all participating Julie’s Bakeshop outlets.

The first raffle draw will be simultaneously held on October 22 in Manila for Luzon winners, Cebu for Visayas winners, and Davao for Mindanao winners.

Get the chance to win any of the following prizes:

- nine (9) Canon Power Shot A8100
- nine (9) Lenovo Mobile A336
- nine (9) Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 with 16gig memory card
- three (3) Kawasaki CT 100 Motorcycles
- three (3) 32” Samsung LED TVs.

All non-winning entries are automatically entitled for the “Julie’s Bakeshop Combonanza Raffle Promo” grand draw on December 11, 2012. All prizes from the initial draw will still be up for grabs, including three Kawasaki Barako Tricycles, as well as a brand-new 1.3j MT Toyota Avanza. Deadline of submission of entries for the first draw is on October 8,  while the deadline for the grand draw will be on November 28.

Winners may claim their prize in the Julie’s Bakeshop branch where they dropped their entries by presenting any valid ID and their winning coupon.

Grab this great opportunity and experience how Julie’s Bakeshop shows its thanks to the millions of Filipinos who have been part of their growth. Taking a break has never been this good because nowhere else but at Julie’s Bakeshop does merienda time also mean winning time.

For more details, visit

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  1. Wow! :) At ngayon ko lang nalaman na 30 years na pala sila. :)

  2. I loved their products ever since I could remember :) Hanep naman they're doing a promo online!

    The Misty Mom

    1. It isn't actually an online promo. :) You have to fill out a raffle coupon. :)

  3. Thanks for the info! definitely joining since breakfast and midnight snack ko these last few days is always from Julie's bakeshop.

  4. They are originally from Cebu. I have many a good memories about this place.

  5. hay! grabeh noh! ang tibay pala ng julie's.

    just me,

  6. Oh wow! Great prizes. Thanks for sharing sis Michy :)

  7. yay.. will try to visit one of their branches to know more about this. thanks for posting! :)

  8. You're welcome guys! Hope you'll join! :)


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