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Thursday, September 27, 2012

2012 Book Challenge: August

Finally! I reached my quota last August! I spent my August reading --even during vacation. :) I read in the airport and I still read in the plane and even in the hotel before I sleep. Nerdy, right?

I tried reading books with old settings: mostly 90s, when cellphones don't even exist. It was fun reading them, it makes me realize how easy communication nowadays, yet some people fail to communicate.

As continuation of my July post, here are my August books:

23. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

- A 57-year-old Landon Carter recalls his teenage years when he met a girl named Jamie Sullivan, the Baptist pastor's only daughter. He used to make fun of Jamie due to her unusual teenage ways like carrying a bible wherever she goes. He spends time with her by walking her home until he realizes he is in love with her. Jamie admits that she's  dying of leukemia. Landon asks Jamie to marry him. Landon recalls the years he was with Jamie and he still hasn't removed his wedding ring.

I have re-read this book for n times but it still makes me cry. It has made me cry more than the movie.

24. Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Mary Higgins Clark

- Kerry McGrath, a prosecutor, brings her daughter to a plastic surgeon to heal her scars from a car accident. She noticed that 2 patients looks like a murder victim from 10 years back. She discovers that the surgeon was the victim's father. She tries to re-open the crime and discover things about the people related to the victim. While trying to resolve the crime, she puts her judgeship nomination and her daughter's life in danger.

This is a really interesting novel. It kept me guessing until the end.

25. Pugad Baboy 4 by Pol Medina Jr

- One of the earliest Pugad Baboy compilations. It was published at around 1992 so the political humor might be a little off, or may be unfamiliar at all. There are some parts where Polgas can't talk, which is a little unusual for me. Political humor aside, you'll still appreciate the book.

Thumbs up!

26. The Truth About Love by Elizabeth Winfrey

- Megan Henry met her longtime crush, Tim Wilson at her cousin's wedding. Tim Wilson is a college freshman while Meg's still in high school. Tim thought Meg was already a freshman, like him. So Meg pretended to be in a university dorm, where Tim take her home after their dates. Meg struggles on how she's going to tell the truth to Tim without losing him.

It was fun to read stories written during times when even a cellphone doesn't even exist. Though the story is very  idealistic, it was nice to read stories in the 90s setting.

Reading more books, I'm going to reach 40 books this year, I promise! :)


  1. I really do miss Pugad Baboy. If only they are avaialble here in Dubai.

    A Walk to Remember, I must admit I haven't read yet. I loved the movie, though. I'm sure the book is even better.

    1. I collect Pugad Baboy, I love the humor so much! ;)

      You have to read the book version, I swear you'll love it. :)

  2. My goal this year is 50 books, so far I've only managed to finish 20 hahaha... Anyway, do you have a goodreads account too?

    1. Hahaha! Hope you can reach your goal. :) I don't have a goodreads account. I'll explore goodreads nga, nakakacurious. :)

  3. Try Diary of a Bride-to-be and Diary of a mom-to-be. It's usually found in Booksale lang and di sya masyado kilala but both are really funny. I keep them in my collection kasi I like reading them again from time to time. It's very a light, funny read. =)

    1. I'll look for it, thanks for the suggestion, Tin! :)

  4. I think "The Truth About Love" is exciting to read ha.. kilig-kiligan lang talaga.. hehe :)


    1. Hi Lavina! You'll realize how difficult communication sans cellphone with that book. :P

  5. Great books collection Michy. It's much more fun and comfortable to read them at their physical state (I am a hardcore ebook reader) than via it's online version. Oh that 40 books this year, for sure, you will hit it. Peace out! =)

    1. Cool, update us (via your blog post) if ever you reached your goal. =). By the way, how do you do your reading? I mean, during the night? day? or during lunch breaks?

      By the way, can I follow you on twitter? thanks!

  6. A Walk to Remember!! Yep, it made me cry too.. read it a hundred times -- well, okay maybe a few times.. haha!! finished reading it for the first time in 3 hours.. a very nice book! :D


    - Justin -
    The World According To Me

  7. I love A Walk to Remember. :) Grabe pinaiyak talaga ko nung book na yun. Most Nicholas Sparks books actually pinaiyak ako. Haha.

    Ang sipag mo magbasa I commend you for that. :) Gawa ka narin Goodreads hehe. :)

    1. Thanks Mela! I really need to check Goodreads na. :)


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