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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sancho Churreria Manila

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I recently revisited Maginhawa for a dinner and bonding with a fellow blogger, Lovelee. :) I met Lovelee a few months ago at an Openrice event and we agreed to set another food trip somewhere in Maginhawa with other bloggers. After months of re-scheduling, we finally met up (sans our other blogger friends).

Sancho Churreria Manila is owned by people who used to worked for Dulcinea hence the similarity in the menu. This cute restaurant can sit around 20 people, Good thing I arrived a little early that we were able to sit near the desserts display (who doesn't like looking at desserts?) :)

We ordered 2 appetizers: the Sausage Platter (Php 155) and Salpicao (Php 210)

Sausage Platter


The Sausage Platter has three kinds of sausages: Hungarian, Schublig and Supreme Cheese, served with veggies and mustard sauce. It was an awesome delight that we didn't even notice it was gone. :) 

We also had the appetizer serving of Salpicao, which is good for sharing. There's another 'Salpicao' in the menu, but it comes with rice and the serving's good for one person. It was really tender and garlicky! We even tried to finish the sauce.haha. 

We also tried one of their pasta dishes: Puttanesca (Php 165).


Puttanesca has anchovies, capers, chili and olives. If you're into spicy dishes, you should try this one! This simple-looking pasta is really meaty and has the kick that I liked. 

A visit to Sancho will not be complete without trying the Churros Con Chocolate (Php 85).

Churros Con Chocolate

The Churros con Chocolate has five huge pieces of churros served with a cup of Spanish chocolate. It was really delicious! I really liked that it wasn't oily at all. However, I wished the chocolate was a little thicker. Nevertheless, it's still a must-try! :)

I absolutely loved our Sancho experience! If you're looking for delicious Spanish dishes at affordable prices (and yummy desserts too!), Sancho Churreria Manila is the place to be.

I really had fun bonding with Lovelee, see you again soon! :)


Sancho Churreria Manila
122 Maginhawa Street,
Teacher's Village,
Quezon City


  1. ang layo! hehe. i want the puttanesca and sausage platter!

    1. Why not trek to Maginhawa and have an ultimate food trip? :)

  2. Wow, I should try this! Very affordable meals! Now I want churros! Thanks for the share!

  3. Even the price of their churros is in the same range as of Dulcinea tama ba?hehe the sausage platter caught my attention haha i love hungarian sausage!

    1. Almost the same range. :) You should try it soon! :)

  4. Until our next food trip! Had fun with our get together. =)

  5. wow i never thought there's a good place like this in maginhawa. should try! like the churroz :)

    RK Manila Shoes , OASAP and FIRMOO giveaways on The Bargain Doll! Hope you can join! :)

  6. i see.. reminds me of dulcinea actually after seeing those photos. haha. im glad they have reasonable prices!

  7. The Puttanesca looked so delicious! ♥ Wow! Affordable pa yung prices. :)


  8. I think Dulcinea's sells a closer version to the original churros con chocolate. That's what I heard from my Spanish professor though. =)

    1. The owners of Sancho used to be affiliated with Dulcinea. :)


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