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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delicious Davao: Blugre Coffee

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When I asked friends about the must-try foodie places in Davao, Blugre Coffee topped the list.

Blugre Coffee, best known for its durian coffee, is one of the pioneer coffee shops in Davao City. It currently has three branches in Davao City and one franchise branch in General Santos City, owned by Manny Pacquiao. :)

Aside from coffee and desserts, Blugre also offers breakfast meals, pasta and panini.

I was quite impressed with the interiors of the place. One could mistake Blugre as an international chain. Believe me, I even had to ask the barista if Blugre's really a local brand. They proudly use Philippine Arabica coffee beans from Mindanao.

We tried their durian-flavored treats: Durian Gatchpuccino (Php 155, doppio) and Durian Larcepuccino (Php 145, solo)

Durian Gatchpuccino
Durian Larcepuccino

Durian Gatchpuccino is Blugre's signature coffee, popularly known as "the durian coffee". The durian flavor strongly blends with the coffee that it took me a few sips before I got used to the taste. The Durian Larcepuccino, which is the frappe version, has a milder durian flavor. I liked the Durian Larcepuccino better while my friend liked the Durian Gatchpuccino more so I recommend that you try both drinks when you visit Blugre. :)

We also had Banana Streusel (Php 65) and Durian de Leche Cheesecake (Php 110).

Banana Streusel
Durian de Leche Cheesecake

The durian craze doesn't stop at the coffees, they also have a Durian de Leche Cheesecake. I'm a cheesecake addict and this cheesecake is really good. The durian taste blends well with cream cheese. I'd love to have this again. No worries if you find durian too strong for you as Blugre offers other treats like Banana Streusel (Php 65).

A trip to Davao wouldn't be complete without a visit to Blugre Coffee. We almost got lost going to their Bajada branch (thanks to Foursquare, we found it!), but the long walk was worth it. I would like to thank the Blugre staff for being so friendly and accommodating, they even helped us on how to go back to the dormitory.

Good news: Blugre will be opening branches in Metro Manila and other parts of the world soon.

But while we're waiting, try to visit Davao and experience the durian-flavored treats they offer. :)


Blugre Coffee
Bajada Branch
Landco Corporate Center
JP Laurel Avenue,
Davao City

Other locations are SM City Davao, Matina Town Square, Davao and General Santos City


  1. our relatives recommended this to us but we're not fond of eating durian. but glad to hear you have a good experience

  2. Must visit! I havent tasted this very famous durian coffee. cguro ill try the frappe version.. or visit twice for the gatchpuccino! :D Lovely post


    1. Thanks Wander Shugah! I hope you'll try the cheesecake too. :)

  3. we've been to davao, but i haven't tried the durian cheesecake. will try it out next time. thanks for sharing :)

  4. We went there before when we were in Davao a few years back. Wasn't brave enough to try the durian coffee but my cousin did and she really liked it. =)

    1. I hope you'll visit Davao again so you can try the Durian Coffee. :)

  5. oh it's in Davao, I wanted to try it pa naman sana one of these days, do they have branches here in Manila???


    1. They're planning to put up branches in Manila soon. Give it 1-2 years. :) But it's better if you visit Davao. :)

  6. Sarap naman nyan Miss Michymoo :)
    - Melala

  7. That Durian Larcepuccino was indeed a must-try! A must-try in Davao :)

  8. i am not sure if i can handle it, not really a fan of durian but the place looks inviting

    1. I'm not much of a Durian fan but this is really a must-try. :)

  9. Honestly, I've never really tasted durian pero sabi nila na it really stinks pero masarap naman. Next time ma-try nga. :)

    Parang na-curious akong ma-try yung durian coffees nila tutal mahilig ako magkape. :D Kaso super duper layo naman at kailangan i-buget ang pagtravel. @__@

    1. I hope you'll visit Davao too. Will be sharing more Davao stories soon! :)

  10. I've always wanted to try this! *must request for a Davao family vacation*

    1. I hope you'll visit Davao with your family soon! :)

  11. I will going to Davao on August. I will First visit Blugre Coffee when our Plane Touch down in Davao.


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