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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

CBD at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Note: This restaurant is already closed. 

I recently went to Ayala to have dinner with a close friend and we decided to have dinner at CBD or Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks, located at Ayala Triangle Gardens.

CBD is from the owners of Tender Bob's and Meat Plus Cafe in Subic, and serves American comfort food like cheesesteaks and burgers.

My friend ordered Hickory Beef Brisket meal (Php 230). The meal comes with rice, coleslaw and a soda.

Hickory Beef Brisket

The Hickory Beef Brisket is smothered with sauce. It has the right amount of sweetness and is really tender. :) If you want steak at an affordable price, you should try this one.

I got Cheeseburger meal (Php 190). The meal comes with fries and soda. I upgraded my drink to a Banana Cream Pie Shake & Bake for Php 100 (Php 145, ala carte).

CBD Cheeseburger

Banana Cream Pie Bake & Shake

The Cheeseburger looks so simple that I didn't expect much on its taste, but damn, I was wrong. The Cheeseburger is really delicious! I could tell they used pure (if not almost pure) beef on this one. I'm glad I tried this! :)

I firmly believe that burger should always come with milkshake, and CBD has an interesting take on milkshakes called Shake & Bake. Shake & Bake is milkshake and cake combined, which is an awesome treat for dessert lovers like me. The Banana Cream Pie is heaven! I guess I have to try the other Shake & Bake flavors next time.

I have to admit: CBD surprised me. I really found the burger awesome! It is something I would crave for.

I see myself going back to try the cheesesteaks. :)


CBD (Cheesesteaks, Burgers & Drinks)
Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Avenue,
Makati City
Contact No.6216156


  1. I'm also surprised with CBD! the price's worth it considering the taste and serving size

    1. I agree madie! :) The price is really worth it.

  2. I must say the CBD Cheeseburger looks tempting! :)


  3. Clever to name it CBD since it's located at the Makati CBD hehehe :D I think the Banana Cream Pie Bake and Shake looks good! I have to drop by Ayala Triangle one of these days just to check out what's in it :D Never been there :P

    1. Yes, it quite a wise name for a resto in the middle of the "CBD". :D

  4. must try this too. I love burgers and the shake looks damn good!

  5. yummy but the price, creeps me out, haha

  6. Yeah I've heard some good stuff about this place. Being a lover of cheesesteeaks (I make some from leftover bisteks at home :P), burgers and drinks (especially drinks!!!!), I am ashamed that I have not even entered this place :P

  7. CBD's cheeseburger is definitely a comfort food! I hope I can come back again to have a taste of their main dishes. =)

  8. Ray! They have beer, hahaha! :) This is so near Lynne's office, you should try it. Then let me know what you think. :)

  9. I still haven't tried this yet too.. >.< But hope I get to try CBD soon.. :D

  10. Hi Richie and Sumi! I hope you'll try CBD soon! :) And see you on Sunday. :D

  11. I have to try that shake!!! Looks really yummy. Do they have something with red velvet in it?

    1. Hi Roni! They have Red Velvet Cake but not for Bake & Shake. :) Hope you'll try it soon!

  12. Dropped by Mich~ We were with our officemates when we went through everywhere in Glorietta so that we can have dinner one night. We were so undecisive so after like an hour of walking around, we finally ended up in Ayala Triangle for CBD but they're already closed. It's so sad!!! I was even craving for their onion rings and I wanna try their cake drinks again~


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