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2012 Book Challenge: April

As much as I wanted to read 4 books like last March, I wasn't since "Angelology" took me 2 weeks to finish (whew!). If you're into mysteries, I recommend that you read these books.

Here are my April books:

12. Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark

- Seven-year-old Ellie was the key witness when her fifteen-year-old sister Andrea was murdered near their home. Rob Westerfield, a teenage brat from a rich family and Andrea's secret date, was arrested and jailed for more than 20 years. Andrea's death brought rift to the family that Ellie's parents divorced after a few years and her mom died an alcoholic.

After 20 years in jail, Rob Westerfield files for parole and tries to pinpoint Paul Stroebel, an admirer of Andrea during that time, as the killer. As an investigative reporter, Ellie also discovers Will Nebels, a neighborhood handyman as possible suspect.

Ellie uncovers the backgrounds of the three possible killers while endangering her own life as she continues to seek justice for the death of her sister and the rift it made to her family.

The novel is nerve-wracking as it will confuse the reader on who the real killer is. But at the end the events will be a bit  obvious on who the killer is. A must-read, nevertheless. :)

13. There's No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern

- Sandy Shortt started to be obsessed in searching for missing things eversince her childhood classmate, Jenny-May Butler, suddenly disappeared in their neighborhood. Her obsession in finding missing things concerned her parents so much that she had to be brought to a counselor, Gregory Butler. Her relationship with Gregory changed over the years, that they continued to be friends after her stint with the Gardai and when she opened up her own missing persons agency. She was about to meet Jack Ruttle, whose brother Donal disappeared more than a year ago, but while jogging she found herself in a world where all missing things --and persons go. She found herself surrounded by all the missing persons she had been looking for for quite a while, her problem is: she doesn't know how to go back home.

The novel kinda confused me at the beginning, maybe because of the two perspectives: from Sandy and from Jack.

But it's a nice read. It teaches us that we should be appreciative and satisfied of what we have. And we shouldn't waste our time looking for things we don't have that we tend to ignore our blessings.

14. Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

- The story begins with Sister Evangeline, a French-Italian woman who was left under the care of the sisters of St. Rose Convent by her father. By trying to help an art historian named Verlaine, she starts to unlock and discover the truth why her mother died a few years ago and why her father left her under the nuns' care. She discovers that she belongs to a family of Angelologists, a group who study angels and she was left in the convent to protect her from Nephilim, a breed of humans and angels.

She discovers more of angelology as she finds out that the elderly nun in the convent was also an angelologist. The elderly nun will reveal more of what she does not know in the world.

This is a great read, though it took me almost 2 weeks to finish. I could see this book becoming a movie, and I find it really intriguing that there's a study called angelology.

I just bought a bunch of books, more book reviews next month! :)


  1. bute ka pa at nata2pos mo agad yung binibili mong books, ako tambak pa rin haha

  2. omg I'm only starting with my challenge (@_@)~~
    and currently reading pa ang status :3 *boom*

    Good luck sa list mo! I hope you read more than you did last month :D *STRESS! mwahaha*

    1. You can do it! :) Woah, I'm getting slow lately. :(

      Thanks! :)

  3. naku sis buti ka pa. ako i dont have time to read books! palagi akong tulog! sayang president pa naman ako ng book lovers club ng highschool!! hehehe

    1. I used to be a member of Reader's Club back in HS. :) I stopped nung college. :) I hope you'll get back to reading. :)

  4. i'm a fan of Mary Higgins Clark since i have read her book, "on the street where you live"...

    bilib naman aco sa'yo. you really find time to finish reading those books! :)

    1. I really do. It's my stress reliever. :) I recently bought lots of Mary Higgins Clark. I hope I get to finish everything and share them here. :)

  5. I've been reading five books this time simultaneously (but only 1 is finished). nakakapagod rin lalo na kapag nakaka-nosebleed na ang mga words. good thing you finished them all.

  6. Hi Michy, I have a copy of There's No Place Like Here by Cecelia Ahern but I have not read it yet. I probably will one of these days. Thank you for your book recos. :)

    1. You're welcome Yedy. :) I hope you'll get to read the book soon. :)

  7. Michy! You are litteraly a bookworm! See ya soon!

  8. hanga ako sa hilig mong magbasa ng libro na mga ganyan..

  9. I wish I have time to read as well.Great for you!

  10. Pahiram nung Angeology and nung Cecillia Ahern mo. :)

  11. These books are cool! I particularly liked There's No Place Like Here but I promised myself that I wouldn't buy books until I've finished everything I bought last year. It will take me this whole year (I think) to finish my TBR pile. Hayy...

    Magandang gabi! :)

    1. I'll stop buying books too since I have a lot of books I haven't read yet. :)


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