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Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Than Just Milk Tea: Serenitea

After our dinner at Johnny Chow, my friend and I went to Serenitea (since my friend loves milk tea). I agreed but as always, I will order something non-milk tea.

Serenitea is a milk tea shop that opened around 4 years ago at Little Baguio, San Juan. It currently has more than 10 branches and still growing. They use a "teapresso machine" in steeping the tea.

My friend ordered a large Hokkaido Milk Tea (Php 110) while I got a medium Serenitease: Taro Lover with Egg Pudding (Php 80)

Taro Lover

My friend and I weren't really sure what the Hokkaido milk tea is. Anyone who can tell me? However, I'm okay with the Taro Lover. However, my tummy wasn't (yeah, I really have a sensitive tummy).

Will go back to try their snacks, and will try other non-milk tea variants. But for now, I'm happier with Happy Lemon. :)


4th Floor
Newport Mall
Resorts World Manila
Pasay City
Contact No.8223025

Other branches include Robinson's Galleria, ATC, Banawe, Burgos Circle and many more


  1. interesting. i havent tried serenitea!!

  2. Hokkaido is simply caramel plus Hong/Black milk tea

  3. I wasn't too happy the first time I tried Serenitea, but on my second trip, I got the Hokkaido and loved it.. :) It's basically Assam black tea with toffee caramel flavor.

  4. Wow! Thanks guys! I hope Serenitea would include the contents in the menu. :)

  5. I only got to try Serenitea one time. Forgot na what it tastes like.. should visit again soon haha!

  6. Hokkaido is caramel. I like it with 25% sugar lang because its sweet in itself. Try the okinawa. It also good check it out here http://www.tsinoyfoodies.com/2012/01/okinawa-jumbo-cup-as-serenitea-turns-3.html

  7. how much does one milk tea cost in serenetea???

  8. love to try this, michy. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  9. I love Hokkaido's caramel taste. Its what I usually order.

  10. Serenitea... I've heard about it several times na. My go-to list when I visit Pinas is growiiiiiing.

  11. I heard many times about Serenitea but haven't tried it yet! poor me! I must try it soon! :D

  12. Serinitea has been around for AGES but I've never tried it! Hahaha It's not in my usual haunts e. Plus I'm not a huge fan of milk tea so I dont actively seek out milk tea places. No idea too what's in the hokkaido tea. :)

  13. I'd love to try this one when I go to resorts world. Happy Lemon is nice :)

  14. Downside of living somewhere semi urban >.< Milk tea shop is nowhere to be found. i needa travel miles saka pa may milktea shops :( looks yummy and i am really a milktea fan. i just settle for the cheapest milktea available.. c2! :D add some twist(milk, lemon, vanilla flavoring or whichever is available) and im good to go.

  15. There's one across my office. My personal favorites are the Wintermelon MT, Assam MT, Black dragon MT (weird name I must say) and Nagoya MT. Sinkers would always be Red Beans at 100% sugar level :)

    1. Good for you. :) Not really a milk tea fanatic. :)

  16. I love Serenitea..so many variety of drinks to choose from but I like Okinawa Milk Tea the most..also love their chicken chops.


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