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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Komoro Soba

One of the best ways to bond with a good friend is through food - AMEN, most especially when it's a treat. :) One of my closest friends in the world, Marion and I love Japanese food, so we tried this Japanese restaurant called Komoro Soba.

Komoro Soba kitchen

Komoro Soba looks fancy at first (for me), but I got surprised how affordable it was when we checked the menu.

Though I'd love to try the soba, I'm not really a noodle person (after living on instant noodles and canned meat during college days), so my friend and I settled on the donburi (rice toppings) and a few side dishes.

We ordered Kani Salad (Php 74) and my favorite, California Maki (Php 58 for 4 pcs).
Kani Salad
California Maki
I liked how generous they were with the kani, and my friend really liked it. I always love California Maki that I didn't share. (Quite selfish.hahaha)

For the donburi, my friend got Tentoji Don (Php 114) while I got the classic Gyu Don (Php 92).
Tentoji Don
Gyu Don
Tentoji Don has 2 pcs prawn, okra and seaweed tempura while Gyu Don has beef and onion. The Tentoji Don doesn't look that appetizing but the serving was generous enough. The Gyu Don has the right amount of sweetness and the red bell pepper gives a nice contrast to the gyu (beef).

Honestly, I regret on not trying Komoro Soba earlier. It was such a hit that the restaurant was really full the time we visited (to think that there's a more popular Japanese resto nearby). Now I have a new destination for my Japanese quick fix! :)
Thanks for the treat! :)


Komoro Soba
Upper Ground Level
Building A
SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue,
Mandaluyong City
Contact No.6338160


  1. wow. their maki IS really affordable. :) Almost the same price as those that are sold in stalls in malls.

  2. I think I'll pass with that Kani salad.

  3. I wasn't aware that they are that affordable! Thank you for sharing michy!


  4. haven't tried this one yet!!! i think i should scout sm mega soon because a whole lot of great resto have branches there! hmmm :)

    1. Yep, there are some unique restos like Komoro Soba too! :)

  5. This is a great share! I want to try it too. Ang cheap and the food looks good.

  6. it is affordable. almost same ang prices with tokyo tokyo! based on your orders, I'm betting that you love kani too!


  8. I could not agree more. Indeed, masarap kumain pag kasama ang boung barkada.

  9. the best pictures na tignan ay food pictures. haha. ang sarap. ^_^

  10. "One of the best ways to bond with a good friend is to eat"- I completely agree! :)

    I have to try this! very affordable ang price nya ha :)

  11. Komoro Soba is one of the best value for money restaurants I've been to in Megamall. Sobrang sulit kapag on a budget ka. Their Sukiyakidon is fav of mine.

    1. I'll try the Sukiyakidon next time! :)

    2. My only complaint is medyo maliit yung serving for me, but with the price, I can't complain. Hehehe.

  12. Wow, the place is affordable and the food looks great. I have so many on my to-try list already. My mouth's watering for the Tentoji Don! :)

    And I agree, bonding with friends over food - the best! :D

  13. I haven't seen this at Megamall, but I'll make sure to try it some time when we find ourselves in a budget and craving for Japanese.. ^^


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