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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What I love about my friends is that they easily give in whenever I crave for something, or maybe they just don't want to see me turn into a monster if I don't get what I want (hahaha). I was really craving for Japanese food that I visited Yoshinoya twice in a week. :)

Yoshinoya was named after the founder's hometown, Yoshino in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is an international Japanese fast food chain serving specializing in gyudon or beef bowls.

For my first visit that week, my friend and I ordered Jumbo Plate A (Php 190), which has Beef Gyudon, Chicken Teriyaki and mixed vegetables on top of plain rice.

Jumbo Plate A
The beef gyudon looks a little bland but doesn't taste bland. I love the sweetness of the chicken tempura, though. Jumbo plates are supposed to be good for two..if you want a light meal. But if you're really hungry, you can finish the jumbo plate by yourself.

For my second visit, my friend and I got newest dishes: Tokyo Chicken Bowl (Php 149) and Tokyo Beef Bowl (Php 139). We also shared Shitake Shu Mai (Php 59).

Shitake Shu M

Shitake Shu Mai is Japanese pork dimsum with shitake mushroom. It was soggy, maybe stayed a little bit longer in the steamer, and it was kinda spicy.

Tokyo Beef
Tokyo Chicken
The Tokyo Beef Bowl has beef with sesame seeds, onions, bell pepper strips on top of rice, while Tokyo Chicken Bowl has crispy chicken fillet and mixed vegetables on top of rice. I think my friend loved the Tokyo Beef Bowl since he finished the whole thing while I was still halfway through my bowl. :) The Tokyo Chicken Bowl is so flavorful, and I loved the crunchiness of the chicken skin.

If you want affordable, simple yet delicious Japanese beef bowls, Yoshinoya should be your destination. I have yet to try their Green Tea and Mandarin Orange ice cream. :)

Note: I forgot to bring my camera for my second visit to Yoshinoya, special thanks to Andrew for letting me use his camera phone. :)


Level 1
Robinson's Galleria
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue
Quezon City
Contact No.6352206

Upper Ground Floor
Building A

SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong City
Contact No.6321352

Other branches include SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and many more


  1. hindi kami madalas dyan.. but now that you've mentioned it, we'll try next time! konti kasi branches e.

  2. I don't think I've ever tried Shitaku shu mai before... but I would love to. Hehe. I'll remember its name for if ever I go to Yoshinoya. Too bad you found it soggy (that's bad, right?), but I do like spicy stuff. :P

    1. Hi Mary! Maybe I just got the soggy one. I hope you'll try this though. :)

  3. I personally don't like eating at Yoshinaya.. :( I don't know.. Maybe I'm just quite picky with my Jap food.

    1. Hi Sumi! I figured they incorporated Filipino flavors to their dishes, that's why. :)

  4. Here comes the addiction Michy! Lols...hahaha!

    If only I'm around there I can be a food tour buddy and together we'll explore the foodies of the metropolis, more specifically you're new level of love for the Samurai people's food.

    I love what I am seeing in the photos. I can't remember when was the last time I've eaten in Yoshinoya but one thing is for sure I so loved their servings.

    1. I'll be waiting for you to come home, we'll have a Japanese food trip.hahaha. :)

  5. I'm not much of a Yoshinoya Phils fan. My first, and last visit, didn't sit well with me. But when I tried them again in SG, I was hooked. Pero I just eat in their branches there. =)

    1. I guess Yoshinoya adjusts the tastes of their dishes depending on the country they're in. :)

  6. not a fan of yoshinoya here in japan. (i prefer its competitor - matsuya)

    i tried eating at robinson's galleria once and was surprised that they don't sell raw eggs (nama tamago). I cannot eat the beef/pork bowl without the raw egg :-) i hope they can have buta don too (pork bowl). i always prefer pork than beef...

    1. Too bad there's no Matsuya here. :( I prefer beef naman. :)


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