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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

It was almost a year and a half before the 4th part of the Twilight Saga came out. As a self-confessed Twilight fan, I did not miss watching this movie. And I think this was the best Twilight movie so far.

The movie starts with the Bella-Edward wedding up to the birth of Renesmee, the half-vampire child. I loved that the movie followed the book. The whole surreal Anne of Green Gables-like wedding was wonderful.

The werewolf scenes always make me excited, and it hasn't failed in making my heart jump. I liked the scene where Jacob fought his right as an Alpha from Sam Uley. I was expecting for a particular line from the book but I think those people who hadn't read the book might not understand.

Isle Esme was the best! and it was really shot in Brazil, which was another plus for me.

Bella's pregnant look was very convincing, I got scared myself too. I understand that there were fight scenes added to the movie for cinematic reasons, but it didn't affect the whole story.

Bella's change to being a vampire was very dramatic and beautiful scene.

When Bella's eyes opened I almost screamed: BADTRIP! BITIN!

Sadly, I have to wait for a year. :(


  1. I'm not a twilight fan..
    pero pg dating sa bitin nga..
    yun na yun! BAD TRIP NGA! hehehe!

  2. bitin ba talaga hehehe what a teaser haven't seen it pa eh

  3. Yeah, if you've watched Harry Potter 7.1, parang ganun yung feeling.hehe

  4. eeekkk ... spoiler ka hahaha ... haven't watched it e hahahahaha

  5. I lost interest in Twilight after finishing the 4th book (pero tinapos pa rin eh noh!) But after reading tons of positive reviews for Breaking Dawn part 1, I think i'll watch it.. :) I'm curious din kasi how the process of Bella's pregnancy was depicted in the film.. ^^

  6. So they included Bella's transformation na rin pala? I thought they were going to cute it before that. Hehehe! =)

    Admittedly, I haven't watched the movie yet. I guess I just like the book so much lang. =D

  7. Hi Kay! Woah, I usually post spoilers whenever I post a movie review. Peace!

    Hi Sumi! Try mo! :)

    Hi Jane, I liked the book so much, but I like the movie versions too. :)

  8. sobrnag nagimprove yung movie ngayon! can't wait for the next!

  9. I agree, sobrang nag-improve talaga. :)

  10. The CGI on pregnant Bella was awesome.


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