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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Love for Tamales

One of the things I love about going back to the province is the food. And one delicious food that I always look for is the Tamales.

Though it's easy to find tamales somewhere in the metro, nothing beats the tamales from my father's hometown. It was such a hit that when I asked my aunt to buy tamales for me one early morning, she only managed to bring me one piece. A piece costs Php10. I love the sweetness and spiciness of the tamales. Unlike the common native delicacies which are usually partnered with niyog, tamales is best partnered with a bit of fish sauce (patis). It should also be eaten while it's hot. It can also be reheated through microwave oven.

I love how the tamales sticks to the spoon and to my palate. I love the mild spiciness and sweetness with a bit of saltiness. It seems too heavy in the stomach, but I can't get enough of it.

The next morning, I had my aunt buy 10 pieces of tamales for me to take home. But it was too irresistible that I got to take home 4 pieces.

How I wish I could eat tamales daily.


  1. Erm, what's a tamales? Haha ... I thought it was something spicy. Toink.

  2. It's a native delicacy. Yep, it's a bit spicy. :)

  3. From where? Never heard of it before...


  4. I thought your title for this post was "My love for Temples". I clicked it from my blogger, redirected here and saw a native food. Where are the temples? Hahaha!

    Never tasted Tamales before. :)

  5. Tamales is delicacy from the north am I right? Pangasinan ba or Ilocos?I'm familiar with it since my father also loves tamales.I haven't tried it though.

  6. Hi Bee! It's from Bataan. :)

    Hi Vallarfax! You should try Tamales, though I'm not sure where to find one here in Manila. :(

  7. So that's what tamales look like? What's in it? I've of it before but really have no idea what goes into it. =)

  8. I'm sure it's made of rice but I'm not sure about the other ingredients. Oh yes there's salted egg. OMG, I just eat.hahaha.

  9. Hi Madie! I'm not sure if there's tamales in Pangasinan or Ilocos. You should try it! But I have to find a store that sells tamales here in Manila. :)

  10. wow thanks for sharing! Hi Kay, ang Tamales ay >>dito<< mo basahin :)


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