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Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Return to Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School in Chiang Mai

During my first visit to Chiang Mai, I enrolled in Thai cooking classes in Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School (while my friend accompanied me as a guest). I went back to do another session, this time with the boyfie. 

While I have thought of trying out other cooking schools, I tried contacting Asia Scenic first and they responded quickly via email. We took a half-day morning class from 9:00AM to 1:00PM for 800 baht (Php 1064) per person. It includes all the ingredients we will be using, the kitchen facilities, a market tour, a cookbook and pick-up and drop-off to/from the accommodations.

Mieng Kham

As a tradition, our instructor Pui served us Mieng Kham, which represents the flavors of Thai cuisine. Our group is a mix of visitors from other countries and they were a friendly bunch. We were allowed to choose 2 categories out of 5 and we chose Stir-Fried and Soup, along with Curry Paste, Curry and Spring Roll. 

Before we started cooking, we were given a short introduction to Thai herbs and a quick tour to the local market. 

For Stir-Fried, I cooked Cashew Nuts with Chicken while the boyfie cooked Hot Basil Stir-Fried. 

Cashew Nuts with Chicken
For the spring rolls, our teacher had the filling prepared by two of our classmates. However, we were taught how to properly wrap and deep fry spring roll.

Spring Roll

For Soup, I chose to cook Tom Yum while the boyfie tried cooking Tom Sab. Tom Yum is a spicy and sour soup, usually with shrimp while Tom Sab is a clear hot and sour soup usually with beef. 

Tom Yum
Tom Sab (Photo by Aaron)

For the curry paste, our class was divided into groups: Red Curry, Green Curry and Massaman Curry. Each group has to make their own curry paste from scratch. I think the boyfie enjoyed that part a lot. 

Red Curry Paste
Curry Paste

After making our curry paste, we went back to the stoves to cook our curry dishes. The boyfie cooked Khao Soi Noodles while I cooked Panang Curry. Khao Soi Noodles is a Chiang Mai noodle dish while Panang Curry is known for being the mildest curry (I'm such a coward. LOL)

Khao Soi Noodles
Panang Curry

Our cooking class was absolutely fun. We made a few friends, tried each other's dishes, shared travel stories and learned to cook Thai dishes. I would love to recreate these dishes and share the recipes on the blog soon. :)

Note: 1 Baht = Php 1.33


Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School
31 Rachadumneon Soi 5,
Chiang Mai, 

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