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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kidzania Manila: Our Experience at the Interactive Playground

My little sister turned 10 this month and as a birthday treat, the boyfie and I brought her and my little brother to Kidzania Manila, which opened last August 7. 

Kidzania Manila is an interactive environment for kids to do activities such as role play several jobs and learn other skills. Operating hours are 9AM to 4PM (1 shift) during Mondays to Thursdays and 9AM to 2PM and 3PM to 8PM (2 shifts) during Fridays to Sundays. 

Kidzania Manila is located at Park Triangle in BGC. Ticket prices until October 7, 2015 is as follows:

Mondays - Thursdays
Php 750 for children (4-14 yo)
Php 420 for toddlers (1-3 yo)
Php 420 for adults (15 yo above)

Fridays - Sundays (and Holidays)
Php 1000 for children (4-14 yo)
Php 550 for toddlers (1-3 yo)
Php 550 for adults (15 yo above)

Starting October 8, 2015, ticket prices will be:

Mondays - Thursdays
Php 900 for children (4-14 yo)
Php 500 for toddlers (1-3 yo)
Php 500 for adults (15 yo above)

Fridays - Sundays (and Holidays)
Php 1100 for children (4-14 yo)
Php 600 for toddlers (1-3 yo)
Php 600 for adults (15 yo above)

I bought our tickets through Ticketworld as weekend slots get filled out quickly. I chose the first shift, which is 9AM to 2PM. We entered Kidzania through the Kidzania International Airport, where each of us were made to wear wrist tags which serve as identification and security tag for the kids. 

Each kid were given a check worth 50 KidZos to be encashed in BPI. 

Because the two kids wanted to do different things, the boyfie and I decided to accompany each kid to the activities they wanted to do. Each activity in Kidzania may either may the child earn or spend KidZos. There are also activities that you can do for free. :)

Here are the activities that the 2 kids were able to do during our visit. Note that each activity may take 20-30 minutes, not including the waiting time. 

1. Recording Artist at the Music Studio (FREE)

My sister decided to be a keyboardist for the band. It was nice that each child were given attention and lessons on how to play the instruments. I wasn't sure of the result though. :P

2. Pit Crew Member / Mechanic at the Gas Station

In the Shell Station, my brother was taught about following traffic rules and maintaining cars. He earned 8 KidZos for this job.

3. Nurse at the Baby Care Center at the Hospital

My sister got her first job as a nurse at the hospital. She and her group were trained how to hold babies properly and how to change their nappies, plus she earned 12 KidZos for this job. :)

4. Police Officer / Investigator at the Police Station & Crime Scene Investigation

My brother went for another job as a police officer. He and his group even roamed around KidZania to investigate and assist the firefighters during the 'fire'.

5. Model at the Fashion Boutique

My sister went to her second job as a model at the fashion boutique. She got to choose clothes to model and they were even taught how to walk and pose like a model. :)

6. Student Driver at the Driving School

Instead of taking another job, my brother went to the driving school to get his driver's license. In this activity, the kid needs to be 6yo and above. He had to pay KidZos for this activity. 

7. Crew Member at the Burger Shop

My sister went for a learning activity, burger making, where she was trained on handling food properly. She paid 15 KidZos for this activity and she got to take the finish product with her. 

8. Driver at the Gas Station

After getting his driver's license, my brother returned to the Gas Station as a driver. In here, they were taught how to follow traffic signs. He had to pay KidZos for this activity. 

9. Craftsmen at Arts & Crafts Workshop

The two kids decided to do their last activity together at the Arts & Crafts Workshop. They were given materials and were instructed to do art pieces as they go. They both paid 10 KidZos for this activity. 

The first weekend shift ended exactly at 2pm, with a production number from the kids and KidZania staff. 

There are a lot of other KidZania activities but it is not possible to do everything in one day. Still, the kids really had a great time at Kidzania. :)

Here are some tips that will be useful if you are planning to visit KidZania:

1. Buy your tickets online. KidZania Manila allows a certain number of visitors per shift so make sure you have secured your tickets as early as possible. 
2. Keep everyone hydrated. You may not be able to make the kids sit down to eat, but make sure you have snacks and water ready at all times. 
3. Food stalls are available inside KidZania such as Via Mare, McDonald's, Goldilocks, Mini Stop and Healthy Options. 
4. Open a bank account as soon as you enter KidZania, so the kids may be able to deposit and withdraw their KidZos. 
5. Make the kids decide on what they want to do next. Teach them to be independent. :)
6. If you plan on visiting KidZania regularly, get them a paZZport for Php 250. This will get them higher pay for jobs and lesser KidZos for learning activities. 

I highly suggest that you bring your kids to KidZania for them to learn the value of spending, the value of working and the value of learning new things. 


KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, 
North 11th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Twitter: @KidZaniaManila 


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