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A Relaxing Weekend at Casa San Pablo (Part 2)

Read Part 1 here.

One thing that Casa San Pablo could really be proud of is their food. 

Casa San Pablo serves home-cooked Southern Tagalog dishes, exactly as they serve it in Laguna. Some dishes are even recipes from the owners' grandmother, Sinforosa Azores-Gomez, who originally owns the place where Casa San Pablo is standing right now. 

The dining room itself is a work of art, filled with art pieces, and magazine articles about Casa. 

After we checked in our room, we were led to the dining hall for lunch. And we were welcomed with a feast!

Lechong Kawali

Lumpiang Hubad
Pinaputok na Tilapia
Ube Halaya

I particularly liked the Chicken Kare-Kare and the Lumpiang Hubad. :)

During the afternoon, we were given a taste of Native Cooking Tour by having a cooking demo with a local snack called Pinaltok, or the Laguna version of Ginataang Halo-Halo. 

Pinaltok mainly consists of bilo-bilo, gata, sugar, sago and langka. 

The finished product was served as our meryenda, with suman on the side. It was really delicious, and I honestly prefer this over ginataang halo-halo. 

We were also given a storyteller doll-making demo by Ms. An Alcantara. Ms. An creates all the storyteller dolls displayed at the reception area. 

Ms. An shared how a storyteller doll would take weeks, or even months to finish. Each storyteller doll is made from terracotta clay, which takes a long time to dry. The storyteller dolls are great souvenirs from your stay in Casa San Pablo. I suggest that you buy one when you visit Casa. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the place until dinner time. And the dinner was as grand as lunch. 

Nilagang Baka
Pako Salad with Salted Egg, Tomatoes and Onions

Chicken in Luyang Dilaw

Everything was delicious! I wish I could stay in Casa forever. :)

The next day, we were again greeted with a morning feast.

Danggit (!!!!)

Who doesn't like doing this?
Our weekend in Casa San Pablo truly made my summer. I never knew I could fall in love with a place so easily. I couldn't wait to go back to Casa San Pablo and stay longer. 

Special thanks to Marge, Nathan and Ms. An Alcantara for this weekend.


Casa San Pablo
Barrio San Roque,
San Pablo City,
Contact Numbers: +639209675277 / 639178126687 
Twitter: @casasanpablo 


  1. Thanks for coming too and I'm glad that you enjoyed it, at least di ako napahiya sa iyo sa pag-aya hehehe...

    1. I had a great time. Balik tayo! :)

    2. Kelan babalik? Hehehe :) I'm having food flashbacks - just looking at the food pics :)

  2. I've read and heard so much about Casa San Pablo. I really hope I find time to visit the place one of these days. - Russ R.

    1. I hope you'll do, Russ. The place is really beautiful! :)

  3. You had me at Chicken Kare Kare! =)


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